Web Design: What Can a Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

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Before fully understanding why it’s a good idea to hire a professional to design your web page, we need to first see the value of having a website in the first place. Let’s start with a little history:

Back not too many years ago, if you had a product to sell, you would open up a shop on an easy-to-access road and establish a phone number in the phone book or Yellow Pages along with a street address where customers would come to buy what you had to sell. Today, if you have a product or service to sell, the process is actually quite similar only now instead of a physical storefront, you need to make yourself noticed online which gets your name to more than just Main Street in your local town. In essence, you are opening up a shop for the whole world to see with the potential of doing business with customers from around the globe.

It really didn’t take that many years before people were developing technology, and users were exploring what the internet has to offer. In today’s business world, the statistics reveal that more and more internet users around the world research products online before deciding whether or not to buy these products. If you don’t have an online presence, your company is going to get overlooked. If you want customers to do business with, you need a website for them to visit.

At this point, you may be asking, “OK, so I need a website. But, why can’t I just set one up myself and be done with it? What can a professional web designer do that I can’t?” Well, you may just be surprised!

A professional web developer knows how to make you look good. Don’t disregard the importance of a first impression. If a potential customer stumbles across your site and isn’t impressed, he or she will most likely move onto another one that captures their attention. If your website isn’t making a good first impression, it may actually end up costing you money by lost sales. A professional web developer, on the other hand, will know the current trends of the industry and online marketing to make you look good and stand out, or to get you noticed in the search engines in the first place so customers find you.

Once the customer is drawn into your site, you want to hold their interest long enough for them to follow through with a sale. Afterwards, you will want to provide them with the utmost in customer service so they will return and tell their friends. If your website is out of date or difficult to maneuver, this isn’t going to happen.

Finally, in today’s online world, potential customers are opting to browse the web on their smartphones or tablets more often which means that even if you managed to set up a decent DIY website and capture the attention of a decent customer base, you’re going to need to streamline your site now to make it mobile compatible. This takes some know-how from the web development standpoint which a professional will be able to easily accomplish to save you time, and in the long run, make you money with increased visits to your site that end with a sale, and hopefully, lifetime customers.


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