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Coach hire company, Coach Broker revamps website

The UK’s leading coach hire provider, Coach Broker, has this week unveiled their brand new website. The coach hire provider’s main site has undergone a complete revamp with a new design and page layout, new sections added along with a fresh logo design. As an internet based company, it’s essential that the company’s main website is easy to navigate and conveys a professional image from the outset, which was something the site’s makeover has achieved.

Coach Broker has enlisted a team of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to work on the new website using the very latest techniques including strategies, quality content and strategically placed meta-tags in coding so as ensure the site performs well whilst competing with industry websites.

A range of high-quality images of coaches and minibuses within the Coach Broker fleet are displayed on the new site along with several video clips to showcase the vehicles in action. The aim is to create a website which is highly informative so as to provide visitors to the site with all the details they could possibly need about the services offered by Coach Broker.

Take a look at the brand new state of the art site now to see the newly designed website for yourself by clicking the following link

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Relief is on the way for your busy days, or for those who absolutely hate wasting time on the telephone. Imagine scheduling appointments, making reservations at restaurants, and conducting all of the time-stealing tasks throughout the day that keep you on hold without ever picking up the phone or even sitting down to type out a text or email. How is this possible? This ultra convenience is being developed with new technology, called Google Duplex, that is coursing excitement through amazed onlookers and taking the concept of Alexa to a whole new level, and freshly just announced at Google I/O 2018.

Google I/O is an annual conference presented by Google. It is intended mainly for developers, but savvy observers realize that it’s also when Google makes some big product announcements. This year, CEO Sundar Pichai amazed the audience when he demonstrated the innovation of Google Duplex by showing off actual conversations that had the technology make phone calls, schedule an appointment for a hairdresser, and even inserted a personalized, “mmhmm” to the conversation. By the end of the phone call, Google Duplex had successfully scheduled an appointment for a haircut as the ultimate assistant without the hairdresser at the salon realizing she was speaking to AI technology in place of a live person.

Pichai explained how this interactive technology that not only routinely and remotely goes through the steps of a process that has been programmed into a computer chip, but actually picks up on the nuance of the conversation to the point of redirecting its response when the conversation takes unexpected turns. He further demonstrated an example of having Google Duplex call a restaurant to make a reservation, and the person on the other end of the phone presented confusing information. This new technology didn’t miss a beat, even responding with a casual, “Gotcha, yes!”

Keep your eyes and ears out for this advancement in the ultimate assistant to be rolled out for you to use after testing and complex training is complete. Testing for Google Duplex is expected to take place this summer. Listen to the live conversations and learn more about this new technology on Google’s published blog post. Google hopes that it will not only be a virtual assistant that interacts and responds like a real human voice but also for it to be able to automatically and immediately update information on sitemap searches such as holiday hours.

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There’s a lot of crap on the internet isn’t there so I can see why you’d assume that SEO keyword articles are just more crap. And not just any old crap, crap to manipulate search engine rankings, so can you trust SEO articles?

Well yes, by their nature you can trust them. The very fact that they exist and that you have found them means you can trust them because if they were crap, you wouldn’t have found them because the search engine wouldn’t have directed you to them because the search engine is there to protect you from crap.

During the late 1990s search engines were severely manipulated by crap which people thought would help their sites rank better. Well the search engines have learnt their lessons from those ‘dark ages’ and makes a point to ignore crap, ensuring that the sites, the SEO articles and the information which ranks where you can find it, is useful, correct and pertinent to your search.

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Website leasing has great advantages for new and existing businesses to keep costs to a minimum and maintain better cash flow. Also many people are not aware that there are also “Tax Benefits of leasing a website” also known as pay as you go websites.

Leasing an asset is like renting it over a period in return for fixed rental payments. Many UK businesses take advantage of leasing.

Renting or leasing assets can be tax efficient – this can reduce your overall tax bill, as the cost is deductible as a business expense. This is a factor in determining whether you should rent or lease an asset, rather than buy.

Here are some other points to consider when leasing:

  • You do not bear the risk that, when you have finished with the asset, its value has decreased below the amount you paid for it.
  • The asset can often be replaced by a newer one, by upgrading at little or no extra cost.
  • You do not have to find a large cash deposit.
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It sounds like a silly question when it seems like anytime you have a question, can’t remember an actor’s name or want to download a song, you turn to good old Google to find the answer for you. But have a second think and answer this – do you use it all the time, for every search, to find everything you are looking for on the wide, wide world on the web?

Now the yes doesn’t come so easily does it? No, I don’t use Google for everything either, not for every single thing because sometimes I feel like I would be better results if I looked somewhere else, in a different way. Depending on the product or service I’m looking for, before turning to Google, I’ll look in the Yellow Pages, or the local directory under the industry I am looking for.

Doing this kind of search I feel as though I get better results because rather than typing ‘graphic designer’ into Google and coming up with results for companies in Australia, companies which are either too big or too small for what I need, or just results which happen to have ‘graphic designer’ as the keywords, in the Yellow Pages I can judge the size of the companies by the size of the ads, and choose one in my area.

So does my search technique have a fatal flaw or do other people have this problem?

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Hot off the heels of unveiling their protégée at the Wall Street Journal: All Things Digital conference in California last week, Microsoft launched their brand new search engine BING into the world 2 days earlier than planned.
BING is designed to take over from Microsoft’s current search engine Live Search, and its already being tipped as a dangerous contender for the mighty Google. Early reviews of the site have been extremely encouraging. Bing differs from other search engines in as much it aims to give you less choice as opposed to more. It offers a more targeted results list, with the option of displaying further results. Instead of bombarding the user with a blanket response to questions BING provides a narrower but more select response to questions.

Another key feature of Bing is that instead of directing the user to an external site to view, for example, videos, listen to music, read articles, or shop online, it allows you to do all this without ever leaving Bing. It also offers an exclusive video search service as part of the package. In theory this should lead to greater ease of use and accessibility.

Whether or not Bing can rival the other major search engines such as Google and Yahoo remains to be seen. What is certain however is that the search engine as we know it is evolving, and that can only be good news for internet users the world over.

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There is a lot of emphasis put on natural search engine optimisation results and studies of how people use the internet have shown that between 60-70% of people will choose websites which rank in the natural results, over those displayed in the sponsored links, or the pay per click advertising.

The natural results are the ones which have ranked highly because their sites are seen by the search engine to be the most useful, while the sponsored results have paid to be at the top. The studies of user habits would suggest that people realise that sponsored results have paid for their position but do the results transfer to real life?

Do you really choose the natural results which a search engine presents or do you go with the first site you see? Or maybe you try to choose the natural results but sometimes you just see a listing in the sponsored links which seems more relevant to what you were looking for, because let’s face it, there are times when Google can let you down too.

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An internet blogger has uncovered a list of passwords which micro blogging website Twitter has banned from use on its website.

The social networking site is clamping down on passwords which could be used as by hackers to infiltrate private accounts and post fake Twitter updates. The list of banned passwords may include those which have been used in the past by hackers, either successfully or unsuccessfully to break into Twitter accounts.

Obvious passwords such as 112233, and abc123, are high on the list of those not accepted during the sign-up process, along with popular film names such as matrix, batman, superman, star trek and star wars. Also movie characters like bond007 and Gandalf will also be given the red light by Twitter.

Larry Seltzer of believes many of the banned passwords may have been flagged up because Twitter has detected potential hackers attempting to use them previously. The computer expert says it’s advisable to change your password if it resembles anything similar to those on the black list to avoid falling victim to hackers.

The list of over 350 forbidden passwords was uncovered by internet blogger VILERICHARD after he did a bit of digging on the social networking site.

Twitter is currently ranked as the world’s third most used social network site with 55 million monthly visits.

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Yahoo! has signed a deal with the popular micro-blogging site Twitter which will see Yahoo! users able to access Twitter via a whole host of Yahoo! products.

It’s not unusual for search engines to partner up with social networking sites such as Twitter. Only last year Google and Microsoft’s Bing signed a deal with Twitter to start indexing their updates on their search pages.

However the Yahoo! deal will go beyond simply indexing Twitter updates. Users of Yahoo! will be able to access their Twitter accounts from the company’s homepage, and from their Yahoo! email account, bridging the gap between social networking and other technology packages more than ever before.

Bosses at Yahoo! say the new venture will enable their customers to access their social networking pages more quickly and effectively by integrating Twitter services into several areas of the Yahoo! brand. Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president, consumer products group, Yahoo! described the new partnership as “simplifying people’s lives by bringing their social worlds — and the world —- together for easy access.”

How the service will work has not yet been revealed, neither is it known how much the deal between Yahoo! and Twitter has cost.

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According to recent reports, social networking site Facebook and internet communication network Skype are extremely close to striking a deal.

The two organisations are leaders in their own fields with Facebook boasting 500 million users worldwide while Skype claims to have 560 million members across the globe. The pairing of the two networks would create a powerful tool which will pile the pressure on other competitors such as Twitter and Google.

Skype allows members to video call, text and voice call other members across the world for free via its website. As well as this, Skype also offers a paid for service whereby users can call landlines across the world for a far cheaper rate than traditional telecom providers.

Should the deal be made, the move would enable Facebook users to use Skype services such as video call, text and voice call to communicate with friends on their account via their page, adding yet another exciting facility to the Facebook’s repertoire.

The move is mutually rewarding as Skype users will gain access to Facebook Connect, the social networking site’s message service.

The deal between Skype and Facebook is by no means official, however should everything go to plan, insiders say an announcement should be made by mid October.