Shopify Sales Channels

Shopify Sales Channels: How they can boost sales for Shopify merchants

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Shopify is a simple, quick and fuss-free way to set up your own online store. But you don’t want to stop there. By utilising Shopify’s sales channels, you can boost your visibility and increase sales, turning your business into a bigger success story than ever before.

Use Shopify apps to connect across marketplaces

If you want to get your products in front of more customers, you’ve probably considered using an e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. But traditionally, selling across multiple platforms can be complicated and difficult to manage. With Shopify sales channels, though, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is connect each channel to your Shopify account and you can manage sales across different marketplaces with ease.  

So which ones are right for your business?

Well, let’s start with the big-hitters. As the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon certainly has plenty of appeal for both new and established sellers. After all, the retail giant will certainly help you reach more potential customers than any of its rivals – and with their Shopify sales channel, integration couldn’t be easier. Similarly, eBay’s Shopify sales channel offers an easy way for merchants to sell their products via the popular bidding site. But because it’s so easy to connect to sales channels with Shopify, we think it’s worth exploring some alternative marketplaces as well.

Facebook sales channel

Take Facebook, for example. Primarily known as a social networking site, the platform is also a great way to build connections and foster brand loyalty with your potential customers. And if you want to quickly convert their interest into purchases, Shopify’s Facebook sales channels allow you to create an integrated Shop tab that will appear directly on your business page. So there’s no need for customers to navigate away from your page to make a purchase.

Instagram sales channel

Similarly, the platform’s Instagram sales channel allows you to add shopping tags to your images on the photo-sharing site, directly linking to product pages and secure checkout options. And it’s not just social media that’s getting in on the act. Alongside the big brands there are a number of emerging marketplaces with some fresh ideas that will give your business a boost.


Take CafePress, for example, a print-on-demand service that makes it easy for sellers to offer bespoke products without the risk of forking out for unsold stock. Using their Shopify sales channel, merchants can also bypass all the time-consuming details such as order management and fulfilment, leaving them free to focus on growing their business. Or, for niche items, why not consider the Not on the High Street sales channel? Although their products are carefully curated, and not everyone makes the cut, successful sellers will benefit from a loyal marketplace and minimal competition.

Add to Cart sales channel

Or why not try out a seller-focused Shopify sales channel such as Add to Cart? A platform designed to support independent businesses, Add to Cart uses expert SEO and marketing techniques to get your products in front of more people than ever before. And unlike other platforms, they hand all the customer data over to you, making it easier for you to foster relationships and build your brand.

Buy Button by Shopify

Finally, you can also use Shopify sales channels to create a handy ‘Buy button’ – essentially a tool to add e-commerce functionality to your personal website, blog or anywhere else you’ve built up a following online. So if you’ve got a community of dedicated fans on your WordPress site, or a strong presence in a certain forum, the Buy button can help convert followers to customers in just one click.

With more and more sales channels coming to the Shopify App Store every day, there’s never been more choice – so take a look and see what these platforms can do for you.

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