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Web Design: What Can a Professional Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

Before fully understanding why it’s a good idea to hire a professional to design your web page, we need to first see the value of having a website in the first place. Let’s start with a little history:

Back not too many years ago, if you had a product to sell, you would open up a shop on an easy-to-access road and establish a phone number in the phone book or Yellow Pages along with a street address where customers would come to buy what you had to sell. Today, if you have a product or service to sell, the process is actually quite similar only now instead of a physical storefront, you need to make yourself noticed online which gets your name to more than just Main Street in your local town. In essence, you are opening up a shop for the whole world to see with the potential of doing business with customers from around the globe.

It really didn’t take that many years before people were developing technology, and users were exploring what the internet has to offer. In today’s business world, the statistics reveal that more and more internet users around the world research products online before deciding whether or not to buy these products. If you don’t have an online presence, your company is going to get overlooked. If you want customers to do business with, you need a website for them to visit.

At this point, you may be asking, “OK, so I need a website. But, why can’t I just set one up myself and be done with it? What can a professional web designer do that I can’t?” Well, you may just be surprised!

A professional web developer knows how to make you look good. Don’t disregard the importance of a first impression. If a potential customer stumbles across your site and isn’t impressed, he or she will most likely move onto another one that captures their attention. If your website isn’t making a good first impression, it may actually end up costing you money by lost sales. A professional web developer, on the other hand, will know the current trends of the industry and online marketing to make you look good and stand out, or to get you noticed in the search engines in the first place so customers find you.

Once the customer is drawn into your site, you want to hold their interest long enough for them to follow through with a sale. Afterwards, you will want to provide them with the utmost in customer service so they will return and tell their friends. If your website is out of date or difficult to maneuver, this isn’t going to happen.

Finally, in today’s online world, potential customers are opting to browse the web on their smartphones or tablets more often which means that even if you managed to set up a decent DIY website and capture the attention of a decent customer base, you’re going to need to streamline your site now to make it mobile compatible. This takes some know-how from the web development standpoint which a professional will be able to easily accomplish to save you time, and in the long run, make you money with increased visits to your site that end with a sale, and hopefully, lifetime customers.

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Coach hire company, Coach Broker revamps website

The UK’s leading coach hire provider, Coach Broker, has this week unveiled their brand new website. The coach hire provider’s main site has undergone a complete revamp with a new design and page layout, new sections added along with a fresh logo design. As an internet based company, it’s essential that the company’s main website is easy to navigate and conveys a professional image from the outset, which was something the site’s makeover has achieved.

Coach Broker has enlisted a team of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to work on the new website using the very latest techniques including strategies, quality content and strategically placed meta-tags in coding so as ensure the site performs well whilst competing with industry websites.

A range of high-quality images of coaches and minibuses within the Coach Broker fleet are displayed on the new site along with several video clips to showcase the vehicles in action. The aim is to create a website which is highly informative so as to provide visitors to the site with all the details they could possibly need about the services offered by Coach Broker.

Take a look at the brand new state of the art site now to see the newly designed website for yourself by clicking the following link

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Social Media Marketing: Tips & Advice

Technology is rapidly advancing, and if you run a business, you have no choice but to keep up with the changes. When it comes to advertising and marketing your goods or services, you will need to step into the latest social media marketing in order to reach potential customers today. But, it gets even trickier. It involves more than simply setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account. Here are some helpful social media marketing secrets you may want to know.

Before you set up another online account or take another step to attempt to market your brand, it’s important to understand what your goals are in the long run. Make sure the goals that you set are kept simple yet attainable and within the framework of the customers you are trying to target. Some of your social media marketing goals may include increasing awareness of your brand, generate more sales, or establish a loyal customer base.

Next, do a little research into what your potential customers want before you decide which social media platform to focus on. Facebook’s demographics are going to be a bit different than Twitter’s or Instagram’s, for instance, while Snapchat is going to draw in the younger crowd, and LinkedIn may appeal more to older professionals.

Measure your goals. Once you have your accounts set up and in use, look at the analytics provided by the various social media platforms, and use it to your advantage. Look at who your posts are reaching. The Reach on the reports is going to indicate the number of unique users who see your posts to show you how far your content is reaching. The Clicks show you how many clicks your posts are getting. This indicates which posts your users are interested in enough to click on to find out more. Engagement is going to show you how your audience is interacting with comments and shares. Analytics will also show you how well your chosen hashtags performed and how well users reacted to your content.

Once you have chosen the platform for you, begin to build and engage your audience. Check out your competitors to see what keywords are sparking interest with them, and post at times when your fan base is most likely to be online to view it and interact. Above all, respond to questions and comments quickly. Social media can be a fast-paced game where you either keep up with the pace or get left behind. Make sure your response times are within just a few hours of any requests you receive, and always follow up to show personal interest in the individual potential customer.

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Responsive Web Design: Why does it matter?

What is responsive web design, and why does it matter?

In a nutshell, your website needs to be usable on a smartphone without the need of creating a separate app, which means it needs to have text that is readable without zooming in, use adequate space for tapping targets, and have no horizontal scrolling. All of this is part of a responsive design.

Why does it matter? Since the introduction of smartphones, usage has skyrocketed to a point where more and more people are accessing the web through their phones as opposed to a PC. Remember not too many years ago when you tried to access a website on your cell phone, and the best you could see was a shrunken, clunky version of the desktop site, often trying to run Flash on an iPhone? The experience was frustrating to say the least, leaving websites that were not prepared to fit nicely on smaller screens to begin to see their search engine rankings decline.

Back up a bit to understand that the way websites used to account for the differences in viewing screen sizes was to create two separate sites. Along came responsive design to streamline this process and made it possible to create one single site that would change to accommodate whatever size of a device the user chose to view it on.

Then came responsive design. Responsive web design is the term used to define how a website is designed in a way that changes the layout to fit the user’s screen resolution. A fully responsive web page will adjust to be viewed on whatever screen the user chooses to access it. It has what is called a fluid and flexible layout that adjusts itself depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on. The result is a consistent and more pleasant, or optimized, browsing experience. It will also boost your search engine rankings as a mobile-friendly site, which ultimately means more business for you with customers driven to your site from customers who are pleased to stick around.

Find out how responsive your website is by taking this Google Mobile-Friendly Test!

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Relief is on the way for your busy days, or for those who absolutely hate wasting time on the telephone. Imagine scheduling appointments, making reservations at restaurants, and conducting all of the time-stealing tasks throughout the day that keep you on hold without ever picking up the phone or even sitting down to type out a text or email. How is this possible? This ultra convenience is being developed with new technology, called Google Duplex, that is coursing excitement through amazed onlookers and taking the concept of Alexa to a whole new level, and freshly just announced at Google I/O 2018.

Google I/O is an annual conference presented by Google. It is intended mainly for developers, but savvy observers realize that it’s also when Google makes some big product announcements. This year, CEO Sundar Pichai amazed the audience when he demonstrated the innovation of Google Duplex by showing off actual conversations that had the technology make phone calls, schedule an appointment for a hairdresser, and even inserted a personalized, “mmhmm” to the conversation. By the end of the phone call, Google Duplex had successfully scheduled an appointment for a haircut as the ultimate assistant without the hairdresser at the salon realizing she was speaking to AI technology in place of a live person.

Pichai explained how this interactive technology that not only routinely and remotely goes through the steps of a process that has been programmed into a computer chip, but actually picks up on the nuance of the conversation to the point of redirecting its response when the conversation takes unexpected turns. He further demonstrated an example of having Google Duplex call a restaurant to make a reservation, and the person on the other end of the phone presented confusing information. This new technology didn’t miss a beat, even responding with a casual, “Gotcha, yes!”

Keep your eyes and ears out for this advancement in the ultimate assistant to be rolled out for you to use after testing and complex training is complete. Testing for Google Duplex is expected to take place this summer. Listen to the live conversations and learn more about this new technology on Google’s published blog post. Google hopes that it will not only be a virtual assistant that interacts and responds like a real human voice but also for it to be able to automatically and immediately update information on sitemap searches such as holiday hours.

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Your company logo is at the core of your branding universe, with the need for it to be perfect greatly dramatised.

Where many logos die of death you need to make sure that your logo stays with the times, being malleable so that it can change to be inline with modern design.

Your logo is a vital way of communicating what your business is about, your services as well as your ethos. Where many choose to get complicated with their logo designs we suggest going simple, allowing your company message to be easily relayed to the masses.

As consumers it is true that we are visually orientated, wanting to learn about something without having to reads paragraph after paragraph of content. When creating a logo you must always keep in mind that it is the key visual representation of what you stand for, the epicenter of all company branding that all material must follow.

When thinking that the artless BP Logo cost a whopping £4.6 million to make it really puts into perspective how significant an effective logo is in advertising a business, with large corporations such as BP borderline obsessed by the message their logo conveys.

So, we suggest picking three elements that you want to illustrate through your logo, whether it by your geographic location, your target market or your business name, we at mobo can make this happen.

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The approach taken with online content is very important, with strategic planning being a great necessity.

Where many choose to stick with the same content for years we suggest that you keep things fresh, always staying inline with current fashions as well as Google ranking recommendations.

Content has a huge bearing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), therefore it is an integral part of your online success, wanting your content to feature as high up on page one for all relevant keyword searches.

As well has having an influence on the technical side of things it always plays a part in the personality of your brand, being a great decoding factor on whether or not a customer chooses to obtain your services or not.

The style of the writing must reflect the personality of the business, not being written in an attempt to completely transform the business into something it is not.

Too often we see new designs go live with the branding unrecognisable and although fresh ideas can be very beneficial it is imperative that the essence of your business survives the redesign.

We suggest that you sit down as a company and come up with a list of topics that need to be pressed upon on each and every page, ensuring that you get the message across to visitors.

The amount of content is also crucial, not wanting to overload customers but give them bursts of information in a light-hearted and punchy fashion.

If you would like to make use of our in-house Copywriters and Journalists then drop up a line today.

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We mean pure and simple design, not the band (luckily)!

Where we used to have a habit of cramming as much information on the homepage as possible the world has taken a step back, understanding that this approach is anything but enjoyable.

Being bombarded with information in any context is not nice, whether it be a to-do list from your boss or a Christmas list from your children; it really is true what they say – ‘less is more’.

At mobo we are advocators of the clean look, wanting visitors to feel enlightened and intrigued when landing on any of our pages. Providing snippets of relevant information in a well thought out format allows people to want to read on, intrigued to learn more about what the site is marketing.

The minimalist approach is also a lot more user friendly, permitting visitors to navigate themselves around the site with great ease, kicking back without being intellectually challenged by the multi-layered, messy website that faces them.

Stripping things down to its fundamental elements, colours, shapes and textures is a lot more pleasant on the eye as well as the mind, encouraging people to spend more time on the site and explore multiple pages.

At mobo we tend to follow the three rules of minimalist web design, which are balance, alignment and contrast, ensuring visual perfection across the board.

If you are looking for a web design agency then why not utilise mobo’s skills?

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You know what they say about the customer always being right? Well, it is very true. But, to have the chance to experience that you must get amongst your audience in the first place, becoming very active in the promotion of your company.

Where we used to have to rely on newspaper advertising and word of mouth we now have the revolution of marketing, social media.

In a recent survey it was proven that people take to social media for all sorts of things, especially for advice on services. Treating Facebook as a search engine the average user relies on advice from their virtual friends when purchasing anything.

This is why if you run a business you need to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

However, interacting with customers via this platform is not as easy as simply posting about yourself, selling your services and hoping the leads and enquiries will come flocking, it is another strand to your marketing bow, requiring the same level of strategic planning as all other areas of branding.

Many companies utilise these tools to sculpture their personality, showing their audience, friends and followers what type of ship they run!

From random comments to company updates and pictures, social media smashes down those barriers between consumer and trader, so make the most of it. By running weekly competitions you can show potential customers the consistency that you work to, coming across as a reliable firm that sticks by their word.

So, take it from us and make an account today.

Alternatively, if you would like mobo to handle your social media activity then we can do so, just give us a bell and we can have a chin wag about it all!

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Content style is definitely worth thinking about carefully and if you are implementing a redesign on your site, being the perfect opportunity for a content overhaul.

When making a content plan (which is very important) you must keep your target market in mind, putting yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what they would want to read.

Just remember, although you may feel passionate about your industry and the roots of your product/service your customer simply wants to learn what you do and learn it quickly, not feeling bogged down by wordy, intellectual content that they feel uncomfortable with. The last thing you want your website to be is snobby and uninviting. I like to be playful with web content, wanting to make people feel happy by giving them a unique user experience when landing on a site.

Don’t forget, your website is the most important marketing tool, the stream in which all company intrigue should stem from. Although using traditional methods such a print advertising as word-of-mouth nothing comes close to the power a great website poses, with content being a huge part of the formula. Too often do we see company owners wrapped up in what they read about, not considering their customers when creating marketing material.

If you are looking to revive your company image then think carefully and create unique approach to syntax’s, this will modernise company image.

Just remember, content is King!