Sunny Rai, Founder of Global Fulfillment

Birmingham-based online retailer ‘Global Fulfillment’ creates more jobs thanks to new e-commerce marketplace ‘Add to Cart’

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A company that specialises in creating pioneering health and beauty brands is looking forward to a post-pandemic boost thanks to the new e-commerce marketplace Add to Cart.

Founded in 2013, Global Fulfillment develops innovative solutions for previously overlooked issues and has been responsible for such trailblazing brands as Groomarang, Volumon and Glamza. From their Oldbury, Birmingham base, the company has been responsible for creating multiple jobs.

While some industries have floundered during the pandemic, the health and beauty sector has remained relatively healthy, and Global Fulfillment has actually experienced a year of steady growth. But like all companies, they have needed to find ways to diversify in these strange times. And that’s why Sunny Rai has decided to throw his lot in with Add to Cart.

The Founder and CEO of Add to Cart setup the marketplace to help independent businesses to thrive – particularly in light of recent events. “These past 18 months have been a nightmare for small businesses,” Randeva told us. “Chaotic restrictions and reduced disposable income have all played a part in creating a challenging environment for those looking to set up on their own. So we wanted to do something to redress this balance.”

“Add to Cart is our answer to the issues created by the pandemic” Randeva continued. “We will provide independent retailers with access to a huge new customer base that they could never tap into on their own, leading to more sales and increased visibility for their brand.”

So how exactly can companies such as Global Fulfillment take advantage of Add to Cart? The way it works is simple: sellers sign up to the marketplace through the official Add to Cart Shopify App, and their products will instantly benefit from SEO and marketing at an expert level – without any hefty agency fees. And best of all, there are no expensive subscriptions or sign-up costs – users simply pay a low commission on any sales.

But that isn’t the only benefit to selling with Add to Cart. As Rai explains, “Part of the appeal of this marketplace is that it allows us, as sellers, to retain our autonomy. We don’t need to learn any new or complicated platforms – it just integrates directly with our existing store. And when we make sales, we are in control of the customer relationship.”

With other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, Rai points out, customer data is held hostage by the middle man – making it difficult for independent retailers to build brand loyalty. But Add to Cart has a different mission in mind – to help their sellers to grow and succeed.

“With the major marketplaces, it can be difficult for sellers to do well unless they spend a small fortune on listings and advertisements,” Rai explained. “But with Add to Cart, we really feel like they are invested in our success. They do everything they can to help us grow as a company, instead of wringing us dry at every turn.”

So far, it seems, it’s a recipe for success. Even before Add to Cart’s official launch, multiple sellers had signed up to the marketplace, offering more than 60,000 products across the UK. And that number has continued to grow, with everyone from food suppliers to boutique craft stores getting in on the act. 

Next, Randeva hopes to add a feature that allows shoppers to search by locality, allowing them to support businesses within their own communities.

To find out more about Add to Cart, please visit or follow Add to Cart on Twitter.
More information about Global Fulfillment can be found at

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