We are always happy to see businesses understanding the necessity of a great, functioning website, with investing in online marketing being the only route to modern success.

Highgear.co.uk seem to have taken this to a new level, with the news of them spending a 6 figure sum on their website shocking the industry.

In a previous release from the company the director said ‘we have geared our website up to attract taxi drivers, ensuring all UK cabbies know about the great service we provide’.

With taxi insurance being their main service it appears that they have placed huge focus on getting the site optimising for all relevant searches.

With a great website being a huge advantage to a business what is the point of having it if nobody sees it? It seems that High Gear is making sure their site sells their service to as many people possible, securing their success as a business.When searching for taxi insurance online you will be sure to stumble across their site, welcomed by a user- friendly design as well as an online quote facility.

Alex Wigmore, head of IT at High Gear says the quote page took months to make.

‘The quote page permits users to input their details with ease, offering a step by step process that generate a quotation in just a few seconds. We are very pleased with the way it both looks and functions and have had nothing but great responses and reviews.’

Insurance news site, said ‘With the news of them spending a six figure some on online activity we can see how this will probably not have gone far, with their new pricing system bound to have swallowed up a large proportion of that sum.’

What do you think of this lavish spending, has it been worth it? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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