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New year, new job.

Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Shahnaz and I’m the newest graphic designer to join the team at Mobo. After several interviews, and a test project the day finally came when I was walking through the office door as an employee.

Starting a new job is a bit like your first day of school. No matter how much you try to prepare for it, you will probably be nervous. And anyone who says they felt right at home straight away is lying to you.

So for anyone else out there who’s started a new job this year and they’re feeling anxious, this one’s dedicated to you.

1. “What do I wear?”

Smart Casual. What does that even mean? Suddenly that outfit you planned to wear for your first day doesn’t make sense or look right anymore. After trying on several options you play it safe with a pair of black tailored trousers and a chiffon shirt. You turn up to work and meet one of your colleagues who is wearing jeans. Okay. Mental note taken.

2. “Where do I park?”

Can I park here? Am I taking up someone’s space? I hope I don’t get towed.

3. “The phone is ringing.”

Should I answer it? What do I say? What if they call asking for someone I haven’t met yet? *someone else answers the phone* Okay, good.

4. “I know, I know your name.”

Wait, what was your name again? Have I met you already? I’ll just ask someone else for your name when you’re not around.

5. “My colleagues just asked me what I like to do in my spare time.”

Do I share my unhealthy obsession with Thor? Or how much I spend on makeup I never get to wear? Will they understand? Better go with the safe route “I like listening to music and going to the gym.”

6. “I’m getting hungry…”

Why didn’t I bring lunch with me? What can I eat? There’s a Greggs nearby. I’m not a big fan of Greggs though. Greggs or starve, Greggs or starve… One of my new colleagues has asked me if I wanna go to Tescos, YES!

7. “I feel like tea/coffee…”

Should I ask if anyone else wants a cup? What if everyone says yes and I have to remember how everyone takes their hot drinks? Does everyone do rounds or do they insist on individual drink making? Every place is different.

8. “I think I’m going to like it here.”

You thought it would take you too long to get a hang of things but you just remembered the name of one of the guys who works upstairs and you completed your first task that you didn’t think was possible this time last week! Baby steps, you got this.

Happy wedding couple near decorated car outdoors


Only 3 months into 2018 and we have so many upcoming projects that we can’t wait to share with you!

We are proud to announce the UK’s most popular wedding car hire website has recently gone under the digital knife and re-emerged with a new look.

This is the first revamp Wedding Car Hire have had since launching back in 2010, so we were flattered when they approached us to revamp their branding!

We made the decision to drop the border from the logo, to give it a more timeless look and reinvent the logo with a different colour scheme while keeping up with the latest trends in design.


A few of the main goals for the new Wedding Car Hire website was to provide users with a more visually appealing interface, easier navigation so you’re able to browse the wedding cars with ease and to make everything more user-friendly for both mobile and desktop versions. The new website gives users a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing, and intelligently pulls the latest content from the blog space for users to access quickly and easily.


As a wedding car hire website, a lot of inspiration for the design has been taken from popular wedding trends. From extensive research (aka looking at tonnes of bridal magazines), we discovered many brides who want a fresh, trendy look opt for pink and green hues. For us, it worked perfectly to create a look that’s fun and contemporary, while not being overly feminine. The hardest part of this project was finding a way to reinvent the brand to be more appealing to women while not excluding the male audience.


To go with the dusky pink and green colour scheme, we incorporated polaroid style images for each category to give the website a vintage look and feel. It’s a trend that never goes out of use and because it’s such a crowd-pleaser at weddings we thought it would be a fun addition to the website. The small, finishing touches always make the biggest impact!

In addition to aesthetically re-designing the website, we have also refined the product category and menu structure for an enhanced user experience in accessing information relating to the vehicles.

Amongst the new features and design changes, the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to foster improved communication with the target audience.

With the new launch, the team at Wedding Car Hire plan to regularly update the website with relevant content, helpful information, articles, blogs and company announcements.

We’ve been working really hard on the new website and we hope you love the revamp as much as we do!

Check out the new website here: