A Welsh pensioner from the seaside town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire has attracted almost a 1,000 Facebook friend requests after she was declared the oldest user of the social networking site.

The 103-year-old great grandmother, Lillian Lowe, took over the title after the former oldest member, 104-year-old Ivy Bean from Bradford, sadly passed away earlier in the year.

Despite being inundated with friend requests since becoming the official oldest Facebook member, the former hotel owner hasn’t accepted any new friends, instead sticking with the 34 family she had originally. However in an interview with the BBC, the record-breaking Facebook member said she’d like to thank all of the well wishers who’d contacted her via the site.

As well as being a whizz on the social network, the 103-year-old has also got to grips with the latest technology and uses her grandson’s Apple iPad to access her Facebook account rather than a run-of-the-mill PC or laptop.

The great grandmother says she logs into her account about twice a week and says she finds Facebook especially useful for keeping in touch with her family, including her two grandchildren who are currently at University in Cardiff.

The 103-year-old’s endorsement of Facebook may well encourage more OAPs to sign up to the world’s largest social network which currently boasts 500 million users worldwide.

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