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Coach hire company, Coach Broker revamps website

The UK’s leading coach hire provider, Coach Broker, has this week unveiled their brand new website. The coach hire provider’s main site has undergone a complete revamp with a new design and page layout, new sections added along with a fresh logo design. As an internet based company, it’s essential that the company’s main website is easy to navigate and conveys a professional image from the outset, which was something the site’s makeover has achieved.

Coach Broker has enlisted a team of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to work on the new website using the very latest techniques including strategies, quality content and strategically placed meta-tags in coding so as ensure the site performs well whilst competing with industry websites.

A range of high-quality images of coaches and minibuses within the Coach Broker fleet are displayed on the new site along with several video clips to showcase the vehicles in action. The aim is to create a website which is highly informative so as to provide visitors to the site with all the details they could possibly need about the services offered by Coach Broker.

Take a look at the brand new state of the art site now to see the newly designed website for yourself by clicking the following link

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Social Media Marketing: Tips & Advice

Technology is rapidly advancing, and if you run a business, you have no choice but to keep up with the changes. When it comes to advertising and marketing your goods or services, you will need to step into the latest social media marketing in order to reach potential customers today. But, it gets even trickier. It involves more than simply setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account. Here are some helpful social media marketing secrets you may want to know.

Before you set up another online account or take another step to attempt to market your brand, it’s important to understand what your goals are in the long run. Make sure the goals that you set are kept simple yet attainable and within the framework of the customers you are trying to target. Some of your social media marketing goals may include increasing awareness of your brand, generate more sales, or establish a loyal customer base.

Next, do a little research into what your potential customers want before you decide which social media platform to focus on. Facebook’s demographics are going to be a bit different than Twitter’s or Instagram’s, for instance, while Snapchat is going to draw in the younger crowd, and LinkedIn may appeal more to older professionals.

Measure your goals. Once you have your accounts set up and in use, look at the analytics provided by the various social media platforms, and use it to your advantage. Look at who your posts are reaching. The Reach on the reports is going to indicate the number of unique users who see your posts to show you how far your content is reaching. The Clicks show you how many clicks your posts are getting. This indicates which posts your users are interested in enough to click on to find out more. Engagement is going to show you how your audience is interacting with comments and shares. Analytics will also show you how well your chosen hashtags performed and how well users reacted to your content.

Once you have chosen the platform for you, begin to build and engage your audience. Check out your competitors to see what keywords are sparking interest with them, and post at times when your fan base is most likely to be online to view it and interact. Above all, respond to questions and comments quickly. Social media can be a fast-paced game where you either keep up with the pace or get left behind. Make sure your response times are within just a few hours of any requests you receive, and always follow up to show personal interest in the individual potential customer.

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Not desiring their brand to go the way of Xerox, Aspirin and Kleenex (which lost their trademark status in the US), the folks at Twitter wrote a post linking to not only their new logos, but also highlighting the rules when it comes to using “tweet” or “twitter” in a product or service.

We understand that you want your application or product that enhances the Twitter experience to be identifiable as part of the Twitter ecosystem. This is important to us too, but Twitter is also the name of our service and company, so we’re cautious about potential confusion.

Use Tweet in the name of your application only if it is designed to be used exclusively with the Twitter platform.

If Twitter were to attempt to enforce their trademark rights today, they would not only have to go after TweetDeck, but also Twitter for Blackberry as both applications connect users to Twitter and Facebook (note: Twitter for Blackberry is supported by RIM, not Twitter).

Fortunately for everyone Twitter isn’t the type of company to go after complimentary services or individuals unintentionally misusing their brands, although developers would be wise avoid using Tweet and Twitter in their applications (especially those dependent upon Twitter for their business).

Twitter also listed a few other rules regarding how to spell Twitter (they’re emphasizing the capital “T”), as well as asking companies not to merchandise public tweets of users without their express permission.

Surprisingly despite owning the trademarks to both “Twitter” and “Tweet” in Europe, the company has been unable to secure rights to the latter in the US (which is owned by Paul Rosario) who fortunately for the company operates in an unrelated industry (ironically one dealing with birds instead of code).

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Police detectives are about to receive in depth training in how to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to track down criminals and hunt for clues related to specific crimes.

With the rise in popularity of social media, the police are often expected to investigate crimes through these sites, without any previous training on social media websites.

However that’s all set to change thanks to a new training scheme introduced by the National Policing Improvements Agency (NPIA). Approximately 3,500 detectives undergo training with the NPIA every year which aims to bring police training up to date with the modern world.

The training scheme aims to equip detectives with the techniques and knowledge to tackle web based crimes, and also search for clues in order to track down potential suspects, and gather other vital information from web based data. The NPIA say the teaching will enable the detectives to “tackle the challenges and complexities of modern policing effectively.”

As well as studying social media sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Twitter, the training will also cover mobile phone devices and CCTV.

Many Facebook users are quite free with the information they share on social network sites so police are confident this is an avenue which could potentially lead them to tracking down criminals quickly and efficiently.

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A Muslim man is paying a high price for a joke he made while chatting to his wife on a messenger conversation on Skype.

The man in question jokingly typed “talaq”, which translates as “I divorce thee”, three times in a row during a conversation with his wife on the internet messenger. Worried about his joke, the husband decided to seek the advice of the Islamic authorities in case his actions invalidated his marriage.

After admitting “I don’t understand Islam very much” the young man from Qatar received the reply he really didn’t want to hear from the authorities as they ruled that the man’s marriage ended when he told his wife “talaq” on Skype.

Under Islamic law, this action terminates a marriage. Furthermore, the pair cannot remarry until the wife has married another man, consummated the marriage, been divorced by her second husband, and waited for three months after the termination of this marriage. Only at this stage will be couple be allowed to be joined together again in matrimony.

Once a man divorces his wife, according to Islam, she becomes forbidden to him. The only way they can become husband and wife once again is if the aforementioned actions are carried out.

Although this is an extreme case, the unfortunate incident goes to show that users of social media and messenger services should be careful about the actions they take in their cyber world, as these are seemingly harmless actions can have an impact in their real world.

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A leading data journalist has taken to Facebook to analyse the status updates of 10,000 members to create a pictures of the times during the year when couples are most likely to split.

David McCandless collected the data and created a graph to display his findings. The finished product was revealed for the first time during a TED lecture in Oxford this week.

According to the data collected from Facebook updates, the number of break-ups peaked during the Spring Break, the week long holiday for US college students, and the two weeks leading up to Christmas. However, Christmas Day itself saw the fewest relationship splits than any other day of the year.

It may be a day to celebrate your love, but Valentine’s Day is also responsible for breaking up a large number of couples. The lead up to the summer holidays is also a danger time for relationships as couples may be feeling the urge to be free and single when the sunshine comes out.

Monday was also found to be the day when a relationship break-up is most likely to be announced, presumably after a bad weekend with the other half.

For those of you who do end a love affair on Facebook, the social networking site has now modified their “photo memories” feature to ensure no painful pics of you and your ex in happier times pops up on the side of your page.

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A newly opened Domino’s Pizza store in Pontyclun, South Wales, is planning a pizza giveaway once they reach 1,000 fans on their Facebook page.

Achieving 1,000 on a social networking site is a big deal for any business, let alone one that’s been open for just 4 weeks, and Domino’s Pizza Pontyclun are planning to mark the occasion in style with free pizzas for five of their loyal Facebook fans.

Domino's Pizza PontyclunMany businesses are cottoning on to the power of social networks for boosting sales. While celebrities log-in hourly to micro blogging site Twitter to keep fans updated on new projects, or products they want to plug, many companies are turning to sites such as Facebook to target customers direct.

In exchange for being a fan of a particular company on Facebook, you’ll receive the latest information on discount codes and special offers, while the company benefits from free advertising which in turn helps to raise brand awareness.

If you live in the South Wales area and would like to make the most of this exclusive free pizza offer from Domino’s Pizza Pontyclun, first off you’ll have to become a fan of the store by visiting their Facebook page. Then send your name and telephone number to to be entered into the free prize draw.

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Micro-blogging social network site Twitter has revealed plans to introduce advertising to the personal timelines of its members.

The adverts will be marked as “promoted” in order to easily distinguish these ads from other tweets. The kind of adverts which appear on each individual’s timeline will be tailored to their likes and dislikes according to the information they give on Twitter.

The micro-blogging website was set up three years ago and now boasts 25 million members worldwide. Until the introduction of promotional tweets, the site was unable to make any money from the social network.

The move will allow advertisers and internet marketing companies to connect to a massive audience worldwide. The strategy of tailoring ads to users’ interests will ensure advertisers target the people who will be most interested in the product advertised.

Previously, advertising on Twitter only appeared in the search results.

As well allowing paid-for ads to appear on user’s tweet streams, in the future Twitter plans to offering advertising space on the main pages of Twitter members. As with the other ads, these will be geared towards the interests of that particular member according to the information they share on the micro-blogging website.

Twitter is currently experimenting with the new advertising system as it attempts to find the right times, and types of ad to display to its users. The paid-for adverts will only be available to view by those members who have installed HootSuite.

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Google have thrown a spanner in the works of Facebook’s growth plans by barring the social network from accessing its contacts data on its email service Gmail.

The change has come about as a result of Google’s decision to re-write their terms and conditions. Under their new terms, Google say that anyone who wants to access their API to connect with contacts, must return the favour by sharing their data contacts with Google. However Facebook has a very strict policy on its contact data which doesn’t allow them to share information with any other parties.

When Facebook members first sign up to the social networking site, Facebook offers them the opportunity to search for friends via the contacts in their Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft Live accounts, however as a result of the change in Google’s policy, Facebook will no longer be able to offer this service for Gmail users.

Facebook doesn’t allow it’s users to export any contact information from its site so under Google’s new rules, the social networking site is now excluded from using Gmail to track down contacts. Facebook have recently launched a data download programme, however this only provides contact names, and no actual contact information.

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The Queen has joined half a billion other people across the globe by signing up to the biggest social network site, Facebook.

Launched this morning at 8am, the Official British Monarchy page attracted 40,000 users within its first hour online.

However the Queen’s Facebook page is unlike the accounts of every other users as other members cannot befriend HRH, but instead they can connect with the Queen and the rest of the royal family by the liking the new page with a virtual thumbs up.

The new Facebook page will function as an online version of the traditional court circular giving details of upcoming Royal engagements across the UK and further afield. There’s also a special “near me” application which allows Facebook members to search for royal events taking place in their area.

Fellow Facebook users will also be able to discuss royal related news, and give their opinions on recent royal engagements on the Official British Monarchy page. However the palace says members of the Royal Family will not be responsible for personally updating the news and status posts online.

A selection of Royal snaps will also be uploaded onto the brand new page, however other Facebook users won’t be able to tag the Queen or any other royal family members online.

This isn’t the Queen’s first foray into the world of social networking as the Royal Family already has an account on the micro blogging site Twitter where they boast over 70,000 followers.