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Website-Leasing are planning to get the New Year off to a great start by employing a number of new re-sellers in the Cardiff and South Wales area.

Offering a complete website design and maintenance service at an all-time low rate, Website-Leasing is part of a new breed of companies offering top quality design services for businesses and individuals.

Website-Leasing take care of every aspect of the creation of your website, and the best part is the construction of the site itself is free, all you need to pay is the low monthly cost for the lease of the site. Plus there’s no minimum term contract so you can opt out at any time without any hassle such as cancellation fees.

From the site layout, to website coding, text content, information pages, Search Engine Optimisation, graphics, images and videos on the new website, Website-Leasing takes care of every detail so you’ll receive a bespoke website at the fraction of the cost.

Demand for website design services from Website-Leasing is high, and so the company is looking to expand throughout the coming year, starting with the creation of a number of positions for re-sellers in the Cardiff area.

The role of the re-seller is to search out potential leads for new business. For this reason, re-sellers need excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to network effectively and seek out new clients on behalf of Website-Leasing.

Re-sellers are able to choose their own working hours so the position is extremely flexible and ideal for those who need to balance their work with family commitments, studies, or another job. The salary is commission based so you get out what you put in, the more clients you track down, the more you earn.

Website-Leasing are in the process of creating a network of re-sellers based throughout the UK so that every area in the country is covered. There are currently a number of positions for re-sellers available in the Cardiff and South Wales area so if you’d like to get onboard with this ambitious and exciting company, get in touch today.

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