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Coach hire company, Coach Broker revamps website

The UK’s leading coach hire provider, Coach Broker, has this week unveiled their brand new website. The coach hire provider’s main site has undergone a complete revamp with a new design and page layout, new sections added along with a fresh logo design. As an internet based company, it’s essential that the company’s main website is easy to navigate and conveys a professional image from the outset, which was something the site’s makeover has achieved.

Coach Broker has enlisted a team of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to work on the new website using the very latest techniques including strategies, quality content and strategically placed meta-tags in coding so as ensure the site performs well whilst competing with industry websites.

A range of high-quality images of coaches and minibuses within the Coach Broker fleet are displayed on the new site along with several video clips to showcase the vehicles in action. The aim is to create a website which is highly informative so as to provide visitors to the site with all the details they could possibly need about the services offered by Coach Broker.

Take a look at the brand new state of the art site now to see the newly designed website for yourself by clicking the following link

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There’s a lot of crap on the internet isn’t there so I can see why you’d assume that SEO keyword articles are just more crap. And not just any old crap, crap to manipulate search engine rankings, so can you trust SEO articles?

Well yes, by their nature you can trust them. The very fact that they exist and that you have found them means you can trust them because if they were crap, you wouldn’t have found them because the search engine wouldn’t have directed you to them because the search engine is there to protect you from crap.

During the late 1990s search engines were severely manipulated by crap which people thought would help their sites rank better. Well the search engines have learnt their lessons from those ‘dark ages’ and makes a point to ignore crap, ensuring that the sites, the SEO articles and the information which ranks where you can find it, is useful, correct and pertinent to your search.

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Optimising the search engine ranking of your new business is probably something which sounds like a good idea. If you are starting up a new business or bringing an existing business into the 21st century with a new website, then ranking well in a search for the products or services your business offers should be the top priority in growing your business into the next level.

In fact Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an entire, very important and ever growing industry which your business, and your new website, needs to become a part of. The premise of SEO is to increase the traffic to your website by using the most appropriate keywords to describe the content of your site and your business, and match it to what a potential customer has typed into their search engine of choice.

Search Engine Optimisation will require you to add META tags to describe the content of your site, and make submissions to all of the major search engines, asking them to include your site in their search results. But with the end goal being to rank high on the first page of search results in your keyword categories, you site and your keyword focus simply needs to rank you above the competitors in your industry with sites structured better than your own.

Therefore the first step in SEO is not submit your site to search engines, but instead you should focus on creating a relevant and informative website and then submit this complete and polished site to the search engines which will then snap it up. In business, and in life, you have probably learned that it is always best to learn from others’ mistakes where you can.

Well in learning from your competitors’ mistakes, you can also identify what they are doing which is working well for them too. Look at the content, the design and the keywords which are being targeted on the sites which are ranking at the top of the searches you want to dominate. This can also form part of your market research as you will find the marketing tools and techniques which have worked to target the same type of customers you are trying to appeal to too.

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It does make you wonder if SEO really is a secret because everyone seems to be doing it. There are SEO firms all over the place offering business websites top search engine rankings and every website seems to have a page of articles, if not more than one.

Websites organise link exchanges and pay per click advertising so do we just assume that search engine optimisation is no secret anymore? Well it is no secret that it exists and that, when done properly, it works. But like anything that is the true secret – how to make it work, and work better than everyone else.

Like with anything – any marketing campaign, any advertising – there are people who are average at it and there are people who are the best. And you know this is true otherwise we would buy every soft drink we say an ad for and go on every holiday we saw on a travel show but we don’t.

SEO is just the same, the secret is to do it well, do it so it is targeted and do it better than everyone else.

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There is a lot of emphasis put on natural search engine optimisation results and studies of how people use the internet have shown that between 60-70% of people will choose websites which rank in the natural results, over those displayed in the sponsored links, or the pay per click advertising.

The natural results are the ones which have ranked highly because their sites are seen by the search engine to be the most useful, while the sponsored results have paid to be at the top. The studies of user habits would suggest that people realise that sponsored results have paid for their position but do the results transfer to real life?

Do you really choose the natural results which a search engine presents or do you go with the first site you see? Or maybe you try to choose the natural results but sometimes you just see a listing in the sponsored links which seems more relevant to what you were looking for, because let’s face it, there are times when Google can let you down too.

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To save yourself the embarrassment of waking up after a night on the town to find a misjudged status update displayed on your social network page, a canny internet security company have come up with a system which will test your sobriety before allowing you to log-in to your account.

The media is full of stories of couples who’ve split because of behaviour on a social network site, or employees getting the sack for ranting about their boss, so to safeguard yourself from falling into the trap of venting your true emotions on Facebook or Twitter after a few too many, you need to install the new sobriety test.

The system has been set up by online security site, Webroot. The sobriety test can be installed as an add-on to internet and Firefox. To get started you’ll need to visit the main site and create an account. At this point you’ll be able to specify which accounts you’d like the test to apply to, and also specific hours you’ll like the system activated.

The sobriety test can be used to access a range of sites including Facebook and Twitter, plus email accounts and blogs. Tests to check levels of sobriety include drawing a straight line with the mouse, and typing the alphabet backwards, amongst others.

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Hackers have targeted Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement news online by poisoning search engine optimisation in news results related to the big story of the day.

It’s become a common trend for hackers to pick up on big news stories as a way of infecting unwitting internet users by concealing viruses in links connected to the subject that is being searched.

Since the news broke yesterday morning at 11am when Clarence House released a statement confirming the royal engagement and plans for a 2011 wedding, thousands of media reports from across the world have been published online.

Hackers are taking advantage of the surge in online searches for news reports on the royal engagement by infecting specific news results online using a technique known as SEO poisoning which leaks viruses into computers.

The scam works by alerting the user that their spyware needs updating or a new system installed once they click on the news link. If the user accepts the request to install a new fake spyware system, the hacker is able to corrupt the users’ computer with malware and scareware.

Other hot topics which have been used in the past by hackers to spread viruses include the news of Michael Jackson’s death last year, and also the Haiti earthquake disaster.

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Top chauffeur driven limo hire provider, Limo Broker, have launched a brand new version of their successful website ( featuring state of the art search engine optimisation techniques.

The luxury transport operator is already a giant in the world of online marketing within its industry, with the company’s old site consistently ranked highly within the organic search results lists on all major search engines. However the leading internet based company is hoping to build on their current success with the introduction of their newly revamped website.

Limo Broker has employed a team of highly experienced search engine optimisation experts to ensure the new site is highly optimised and continues to be a dominant force with the online limo hire industry.

The luxury transport operator is also planning to extend its links with social media networks via the new website which will enable customers to keep up to date on any special offers or one off discounts being offered at Limo Broker through their Facebook or Twitter feeds.

The main Limo Broker site has undergone a complete overhaul in preparation for the launch of the revamped site. State of the art computer graphics as well as a new logo design help give the site a fresh new look. With a selection of exclusive high quality images, new videos showcasing the limousines in action, plus helpful articles with tips on how to make the most of limo hire and advice on how to get the best deal, the new website aims to offer a comprehensive service for potential customers to source their perfect limo for their special occasion.

Special thanks to

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For companies, and individuals who need a professional and highly optimised website, but don’t have the time or expertise to create one themselves, Website Leasing offers the perfect solution.

In this modern age in which we live, the internet is part of our everyday lives. Whether we want to order a pizza delivery or find a plumber, large numbers of us are now turning to the internet to source services. If your company doesn’t have an online presence, you’re definitely missing out on a large proportion of potential customers.

Thanks to the new service offered by Website Leasing, you’ll never miss another potential customer again. Website Leasing will create a bespoke website for you from scratch, plus you’ll be up and running in next to no time as we have a team of IT professional ready and waiting to set up your website.

The complete design of your website is created in-house by our team of web designers, link builders, SEO specialists, and content writers so we take care of every aspect of your new site. There’s no set-up cost as the design is included as part of the low cost monthly payment.

As well as ensuring your site looks fantastic, our search engine optimisation experts will code your site to ensure it ranks highly on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Plus we offer a monitoring service whereby we’ll manage your site and update it accordingly so that in continues to rank highly on the organic search result lists.

The concept of leasing has been around for years, however the idea of leasing a website has been relatively unexplored. Website Leasing offers a cost effective solution for those wishing to have their own website. Paying to have a site created by a team of experts can be expensive, but with website leasing that cost is contained in the low monthly payment. Plus there’s no fixed term contract so you can opt out at any time so you’re never constrained financially.

We’ve created an easy to navigate website detailing our services which can be found on the website, with the help our computer animated character, Dave, the friendly face of Website Leasing, those interested in our services can explore the different website templates available, pricing structures and computer graphics which can be used to enhance a site.

For more information on Website Leasing, please visit the company’s main website

SOURCE Web Leasing Ltd

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Website-Leasing are planning to get the New Year off to a great start by employing a number of new re-sellers in the Cardiff and South Wales area.

Offering a complete website design and maintenance service at an all-time low rate, Website-Leasing is part of a new breed of companies offering top quality design services for businesses and individuals.

Website-Leasing take care of every aspect of the creation of your website, and the best part is the construction of the site itself is free, all you need to pay is the low monthly cost for the lease of the site. Plus there’s no minimum term contract so you can opt out at any time without any hassle such as cancellation fees.

From the site layout, to website coding, text content, information pages, Search Engine Optimisation, graphics, images and videos on the new website, Website-Leasing takes care of every detail so you’ll receive a bespoke website at the fraction of the cost.

Demand for website design services from Website-Leasing is high, and so the company is looking to expand throughout the coming year, starting with the creation of a number of positions for re-sellers in the Cardiff area.

The role of the re-seller is to search out potential leads for new business. For this reason, re-sellers need excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to network effectively and seek out new clients on behalf of Website-Leasing.

Re-sellers are able to choose their own working hours so the position is extremely flexible and ideal for those who need to balance their work with family commitments, studies, or another job. The salary is commission based so you get out what you put in, the more clients you track down, the more you earn.

Website-Leasing are in the process of creating a network of re-sellers based throughout the UK so that every area in the country is covered. There are currently a number of positions for re-sellers available in the Cardiff and South Wales area so if you’d like to get onboard with this ambitious and exciting company, get in touch today.