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To save yourself the embarrassment of waking up after a night on the town to find a misjudged status update displayed on your social network page, a canny internet security company have come up with a system which will test your sobriety before allowing you to log-in to your account.

The media is full of stories of couples who’ve split because of behaviour on a social network site, or employees getting the sack for ranting about their boss, so to safeguard yourself from falling into the trap of venting your true emotions on Facebook or Twitter after a few too many, you need to install the new sobriety test.

The system has been set up by online security site, Webroot. The sobriety test can be installed as an add-on to internet and Firefox. To get started you’ll need to visit the main site and create an account. At this point you’ll be able to specify which accounts you’d like the test to apply to, and also specific hours you’ll like the system activated.

The sobriety test can be used to access a range of sites including Facebook and Twitter, plus email accounts and blogs. Tests to check levels of sobriety include drawing a straight line with the mouse, and typing the alphabet backwards, amongst others.

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