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A brand new limo hire website offering affordable chauffeur driven luxury transport throughout the UK has been launched today.

The state of the art website includes expert SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to ensure it ranks highly across all major search engines, plus high quality images and videos, and keyword rich content. The layout of the website has been designed in such a way so as to allow customers to navigate their way through the different sections as easily as possible. offers an extensive range of luxurious limousines, party buses and chauffeur cars all of which are available to hire at ultra low rates across the country. Using a unique brokerage system, Limo Hire is able to search through stacks of luxury transport providers and compare prices in order to bring their customers the very cheapest rates for chauffeur driven limousine hire.

The new website features a superb image gallery showcasing the best limos available including both internal and external shots. Plus a selection of professionally filmed videos showing the limos and party buses in action has also been uploaded onto the high quality new limousine hire website. offer chauffeur driven limos for all occasions including school proms, birthdays, hen and stag dos, weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions, airport transfers and sporting events.

For more information on the services and limos available at please get in touch with Limo Hire today.

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Many companies want position 1 in Google, the idea being that the number 1 spot will drive lots of traffic; but how true is that? Is it company ego, the kudos of being top dog, or are there real benefits to being listed as number 1 for a particular keyword?

Chitika, an independent analytics company, recently conducted research on clicks vs. positioning in search engines, and the results make interesting reading.

The difference between position 2 and 1 on average can result in DOUBLE search click through’s for a specfic search term. This could represent an increase (usually) of 50% in your traffic for that ONE keyword.  Of course, no one can guarantee number 1 positions, but ideally that is the spot to aim for.  A lot depends on your site –  fresh content, links and having the right company working for you (that is where we come in.)

Chikita also states with their analysis what we have always surmised, “The biggest jump, percentage-wise, is from the top of page 2 to the bottom of page 1.  Going from the 11thspot to 10th sees a 143% jump in traffic.” So being listed on page 1 has a massive impact.  In fact every position you rise higher has a higher click through rate once you are on page 1.

“As you go up the top page, the raw jumps get bigger and bigger, culminating in that desired top position.” – which is the type of activity and movement any business will want to see.

So, if you are page 1 – positioning will have an impact for you, and improvement through structured and professional search optimisation will have a direct impact on your business. Whether you are a service or ecommerce business, more traffic is essential, to not only survive but to thrive.

Remember, keyword research is critical. Getting the right terms is part of the initial analysis and a professional SEO company will run detailed research to enable you to make an informed decision about where you want to focus your efforts.

If you now cannot wait to get started on seeing how to make these improvements then contact Vertical Leap now for your FREE analysis to see how we can help your business meet its goals in 2011.

Source: Eleanore Bain, Vertical Leap.

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Anything for Hire logo

A brand new highly optimised online business directory specialising in listings for hire and rental companies is due to be launched in the UK next week. does exactly what is does on the tin, it offers users based across the UK access to one of the largest databases of approved and reliable hire companies covering every imaginable service and product.

So if you need to hire a fully SEO website for your new company, or maybe computer or IT equipment for your new office, or if you’re looking for marquee hire for an upcoming event, or if you need to rent a house, or hire a dog walker, you’ll find every hire service you could possibly need on Anything for Hire.

The online business listings feature state of the art search engine optimisation techniques to ensure all of the company listings rank highly on organic search results for all major search engines. The listings also feature superb graphics and high quality images for a glossy and professional overall effect.

The database is updated daily with new services and products so you’ll receive up to the minute rental company information via the new online portal. Brand new hire companies, and long running established hire firms as well as specialist hire businesses, can all be found one place courtesy of Anything for Hire.

From next week, Anything for Hire will go live online. The easy to use website allows users the chance to search for a desired company via product or location so it’s never been easier to secure a hire service, regardless of your requirements or location.

Don’t forget to check out the new business listings on Anything for Hire when the site officially launches next week.

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A brand new Rolls Royce hire website featuring highly sophisticated search engine optimisation techniques was launched last week and is already proving a success in the battle of the online luxury car hire providers, overtaking many of its established competitors within days of being launched.

Specialising in the provision of Rolls Royce hire vehicles only, Rent-a-Roller are targeting a niche market by offering luxurious chauffeur driven cars for weddings and birthdays celebrations, also corporate functions and airport transfers and also other special occasions.

The sleek looking new website features state of the art graphic design including an eye catching company logo, high quality images and also a number of professionally shot videos which showcase the stunning Rolls Royce cars and limos at the their best. The easy to navigate website makes it very accessible for all types of website visitors allowing users to search for a specific Rolls Royce model such as a brand new Phantom or Ghost, or a vintage Rolls Royce vehicle such as the Silver Dawn model or the classic Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

In terms of search engine optimisation, this website has been built with the specific aim of generating some serious traffic through its site. With keyword heavy and highly relevant text content and semantically rich keywords and breadcrumb tracking on all pages, the new Rent-a-Roller website is right at the cutting edge of the latest SEO techniques. Plus the new site was tested extensively on all modern browsers including all mobile devices to ensure compatibility with all technology.

Take a look at the immaculate new Rolls Royce hire website right now let us know what you think of this state of the art website.

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The announcement of the creation of the world’s first ever Audi R8 stretch limo sent shockwaves around the world when it was first announced at the Transport Broker Awards last weekend at the Celtic Manor Resort, and petrol heads are flooding into YouTube in their thousands to check out the exclusive rendered video giving a 3D impression of how the finished limo will look.

Since being launched on YouTube, the Audi R8 Limo video has attracted almost 5,000 hits, just 48 hours after going live on the worldwide video sharing site. As news spreads about the never-seen-before supercar, hits of the online video on YouTube are expected to go through the roof.

The Audi R8 will become the signature car for leading UK based limousine hire provider, Limo Broker, who are sponsoring the creation of the new supercar. Carbonyte UK, the designers of the world’s only Ferrari limo, have been named as the creators of the Audi R8 limo and are already working on the design for the jaw dropping limousine.

To help keep supercar fans up to date on the development of the new Audi R8 limo, Limo Broker have established an Audi R8 Limo Facebook page dedicated to the exclusive limousine. The Facebook page will enable fans of the page to access information about the development of the model, also behind the scenes videos of its creation, and they’ll also be able to submit their own suggestions for features they’d like to see included in the new limo.

If you’ve not already done so, check out the state of the art video of the Audi R8 limo on YouTube right now.

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Facebook have splashed out £1 billion (£629 million) in buying photo sharing app, Instagram. The photo software allows smartphone users to place filters on the snaps they take to create specialised effects, and then share the altered image online.

The acquisition of Instagram by Facebook marks the largest buy out of another company or product in the history of the social network. The deal between Facebook and Instagram was announced just days after the application launched a new version for use on Android devices. Instagram attracted an extra 5 million users in just six days after first launching the Android app.

Facebook say they plan to run Instagram independently, allowing users to post images from the app of other social networks and the ability to have followers, and follow users. outside of their circle of friends on Facebook.

Instagram users can utilise a range of filters to give special effects to the snaps they take using their phone. Users can transform their pics to look like Polaroid’s, or give their images a 70’s makeover with use of lens flare, or a saturated colour effect for a vintage look. In total there are 11 different photo effects available to Instagram users.

The photo sharing software was first launched in March 2010 and by the end of the year Instagram had attracted a million users. However the app’s popularity really took off the following year, with Instagram reaching 30 million users in just 15 months.

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Indian fast food chain Spice 2 Go is creating benchmarks in not just the food franchise industry but on the web as well. As the UK’s first Indian fast food chain, Spice 2 Go has attracted the attention of curry lovers and the press alike who are excited with the concept of great tasting Indian food available on the go and within a professional environment unlike a regular Indian takeaway. The first flagship store is scheduled to launch in Swansea Bay in January 2013 while the brand already creates waves among customers.

Spice 2 Go promises to revolutionise the Indian food industry in the UK with consistently mouth-watering curries served to the same high standards in stores across the UK. Spice 2 Go franchise stores will boast a sleek and swanky decor with uniformed staff trained in customer service available to take customer orders. All stores will have access to state-of-the-art automated systems that will make curry orders easy to monitor and make sure customers are served quickly and in an efficient manner. The company will also provide a sought-after home delivery service that will see uniformed staff deliver Spice 2 Go curries in branded vehicles right to the customer’s door with access to GPS services making sure curries are served piping hot and there’s never a problem with finding the customer’s house!

However, it doesn’t simply stop there as Spice 2 Go has also devised an user-friendly online ordering system allowing customers to access the Spice 2 Go experience in the comforts of their home. Spice 2 Go will also provide customers access to extensive information on products, produce sources, calorie count, company information, Indian food industry news and more via a dedicated website that is based on consumer needs. The Spice 2 Go online marketing efforts have been commended by industry experts as the company has managed to capitalise on specific and vital keyword searches that has guaranteed them an upper hand on the web months before the launch of their flagship store in Swansea Bay! Spice 2 Go holds top spot for a variety of Google searches including ‘Indian food franchise’, ‘Indian fast food franchise’ and ‘Indian restaurant franchise’, making this Wales-based company a winning combination of providing a sought-after product to a ready market and an online SEO-focussed and targeted marketing effort to best expand the scope of the brand.

Spice 2 Go Swansea Bay is located at:

11 Dillwyn Street


W Glam


You can follow Spice 2 Go on Facebook and Twitter

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WEDDINGCARHIRE.COM: CAPTURING THE WEB’S MOST HIGH PROFILE DOMAIN FOR WEDDING TRANSPORT is well-known for providing UK customers with access to the world’s most beautiful and attractive chauffeur-driven wedding car hire at affordable prices. The company has also secured one of the wedding transport industry’s top rated web domains,, making this an intelligent and SEO-aware business. The UK’s favourite wedding car hire provider has admitted to paying a substantial amount in order to capture the domain address and considers it an investment and further proof towards its commitment to its customers.

By capitalising on this unique domain name, has set itself apart as a leader in the chauffeur-driven wedding car hire industry not just for its exceptional services and affordable prices but for its knowledge of online marketing. has demonstrated its understanding of strong domain names and the way in which it helps brands increase its presence with customers unlike brands that only depend on traditional marketing techniques.

With, couples across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can book cheap wedding car hire that is chauffeur-driven by experts in the wedding transport hire industry. This allows brides and grooms to relax and enjoy luxury amenities onboard their luxury wedding car hire like plush interiors, state of art entertainment systems, plasma screens, champagne bars and more. The company boasts an extensive portfolio of top wedding cars for hire including Rolls Royce Phantom, Baby Bentley, Aston Martin DB8, Ferrari limo and Bentley Flying Spur.

According to the team at, the company paid an undisclosed amount to secure the highly powered, well-optimised domain name. With the SEO power available with, this wedding transport hire provider has captured a high ranking website that guarantees to find precise results for customers across the UK.

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Weblinx have this week released a message to all the online businesses out there within the UK in light of all the current on-going developments that are occurring within the world of SEO.

The elite online marketing group have informed those out there who are getting complacent when it comes to the search engine optimisation techniques being carried out, due to the amount of small, but significant changes being made in the SEO world. It is very likely that this year there will be a large amount of changes when it comes to search engines such as Google.

The message coming from Weblinx is a very simple one, when you are carrying out SEO on site make sure that your efforts are up-to-date with the latest algorithms and news coming from the world of SEO. Falling behind with the latest techniques can be dangerous for both your rankings and the number of customers you have. As an example, the techniques being used in 2012 and the years before that which may have brought genuine success, may not be as powerful in 2013 and the years to come after that. Search engines like to do everything in their power to ensure that life is as difficult as possible for those who are not at the top of their game.

Ever-Changing SEO

“Due to the ever adaptive nature of the industry, website optimisation is a technique that constantly needs to be revised according to the latest search engine updates and algorithm changes. This is something that we take great pride in as we’re able to get results for clients, without compromising the website and risking penalties being applied.” – Weblinx

Google have already issued some minor signs this year to show that there may be some significant changes when it comes to how websites are evaluated, scored and positioned in the search engine rankings by the search engine crawlers. As the world usually does when something changes dramatically or even slightly, there was a mass sense of panic which overwhelmed the people involved with SEO. The people out there were struggling to cope with the countless updates and refreshese to algorithms, ultimately struggling to make head or tail of the updates.

One of the main reasons why Weblinx are set apart from other providers out there is the way that Weblinx treat each and every update or refresh. Rather than seeing these as a threat or cause for concern Weblinx instead take them head on and challenge them until they are mastered and positions for them and clients are regained. One approach that an SEO company may take is to carry out every method which is known to them and see if any of them have a positive effect. Weblinx are different, they take the methodical approach, in which they assess the situation to see exactly what is going wrong and then work on fixing it by using only the most sold and safest white-hat techniques. This is known as the Weblinx Way.

Race for the Top

“We strive to ensure each client has the best possible chance of appearing on page 1 for their chosen keywords and/or phrases using the latest white hat SEO techniques.” – Weblinx

When it comes to online businesses which are looking to succeed, SEO is no longer optional to them it is needed! SEO allows for day-to-day survival, rankings mean everything nowadays! The statistics out there show that an overwhelming amount of consumers are basing the majority of purchases and investments on the advise which is being given to them by search engines. Due to this a large race has began to gain the highest rankings on search engines such as Google.

Instead of carrying on with the old methods of SEO, Weblinx take pride in carrying out the newest and most effective techniques, by doing this they are able to maintain the high ranking of clients. There are too many businessess out there who are trying to rely on the tactics of old and are then left wondering why rankings are dropping left, right and centre. There is no need to worry though, Weblinx have the answers your looking for!

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A brand new innovative domain name broker site has arrived, and it’s due to be launched very soon! is the UK’s latest big thing to hit the world of domain name marketplaces, and, unlike existing ones, it’s not just purely web-based. The pioneering operation has a dedicated full-time sales team behind it, who liaise directly with potential domain name buyers on behalf of sellers, and vice versa. They also target individuals and organisations who they feel would be ideal customers for a specific website address, and propose the respective domain name to them. By acting as a third party to conduct person-to-person negotiation, A2Z works to get the best prices for both seller and buyer alike. The site takes a small percentage of commission for every domain name sold.

A2Z boasts a huge database of thousands, if not millions, of various domain names to suit an extensive range of businesses, individuals and more. Whether you have a particular name in mind you’d like to get your hands on, or just want to look around to see what’s out there, A2Z offers the service for you. Anyone can register on the site, and then start browsing the database by keyword, or by conducting their own detailed search. Buyers can also choose between the extension of .com or .org for their new web page address.

It’s easy and straightforward for sellers to register their domains – they simply fill out the online form (including related keywords and their details), and A2Z do the rest.

The domain name company also offers sellers with a large number of domains the option of showcasing their portfolio on their own full page listing, for a small fee.

A2Z also implements an individual and highly effective SEO-driven marketing strategy, in order to speed up the process of finding interested buyers.

The new site will be launched in the coming weeks, so follow the link to go to to keep updated on all the latest developments. Keep your eye on the site to be informed as soon as you can start selling your domains, or to begin browsing the database to find a name you’ll never forget – (which incidentally is the company’s slogan!).