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We are always happy to see businesses understanding the necessity of a great, functioning website, with investing in online marketing being the only route to modern success. seem to have taken this to a new level, with the news of them spending a 6 figure sum on their website shocking the industry.

In a previous release from the company the director said ‘we have geared our website up to attract taxi drivers, ensuring all UK cabbies know about the great service we provide’.

With taxi insurance being their main service it appears that they have placed huge focus on getting the site optimising for all relevant searches.

With a great website being a huge advantage to a business what is the point of having it if nobody sees it? It seems that High Gear is making sure their site sells their service to as many people possible, securing their success as a business.When searching for taxi insurance online you will be sure to stumble across their site, welcomed by a user- friendly design as well as an online quote facility.

Alex Wigmore, head of IT at High Gear says the quote page took months to make.

‘The quote page permits users to input their details with ease, offering a step by step process that generate a quotation in just a few seconds. We are very pleased with the way it both looks and functions and have had nothing but great responses and reviews.’

Insurance news site, said ‘With the news of them spending a six figure some on online activity we can see how this will probably not have gone far, with their new pricing system bound to have swallowed up a large proportion of that sum.’

What do you think of this lavish spending, has it been worth it? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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SEO is a subject that is notorious for splitting opinion, with many feeling that they completely understand the multi-layered complexity of the search engine, when really, they do not. 

With a lot of snobbery surrounding the subject the only body in which we can really rely on to put forward truth is Google, responding to the suggestions that they put forth with updates and announcements.

In a recent post from the infamous Moz Blog, the subject of conflicting SEO ideas was pressed upon; with the author highlighting just how much Google intelligence has developed.

‘Ranking well on Google is insanely profitable—much more so than it ever was in the early days—and Google’s algorithm has advanced dramatically. But former SEOs and people outside our industry still hold on to that idea that a few thousand dollars of “technical SEO” can make them magically rank #1.’

If you work with a team of SEO specialists then you do not want to see people making mistakes, living in the past when it comes to SEO. This can be very detrimental to the site in which they are working on. The Moz Blog suggest ways in which you can convert people to a new way of thinking:

‘Basically, acknowledge their idea as valid so you don’t insult them, then explain why it won’t work in a way that scares the shit out of them by mentioning real repercussions. Or, you know, just persuade them gently with logic.

If you can’t persuade/scare the shit out of them, tell them you’ll do some research and get back to them. Then do it.’

The author focused on how people can get stuck in the times of SEO, not developing to shift their strategy inline with Google’s standards,

‘It’s embarrassing to be wrong. When your client says, “What meta keywords should we put on this page?” and you chuckle and say, “Gosh, meta keywords haven’t been used in so long—I don’t even think Google ever used them,” your client is going to fight you on it, not because they’re particularly invested in the idea of using meta keywords, but because you’ve made them feel wrong.’

If you are finding it hard to persuade a colleague to change their SEO approach then we hope this will help!

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SEO is a subject renowned for splitting opinion, with each and every blogger, online content writer and marketer thinking they have the multi layered, complex topic sussed. 

Over the years we at SEO News have tried to stay with the times, adhering to Google updates and suggestions, only taking advice from the top dog when it comes to optimising our sites.

Boasting a goggle ranking success story we would like to share 4 common SEO mistakes that we are presented with each and every day, schoolboy errors that people are carrying out when trying to improve their sites. We hope they help!

1 – Keyword Stuffing

Online content should be clear and cohesive; you do not want to exhibit information that looks desperate, stuffing articles with keywords in a plea for Google to recognise them.

Keyword ratio is very important in your sites presentation to Google, with rogue copywriters trying to cheat the system by overloading their pages with an unnatural amount of keywords.

Search engines now have penalties in place for those abusing the system with official warnings and pages being banned being a common occurrence.

2 -Too Many Low Quality Links

A few years back Google worked in a very different fashion, dictating the relevance of a site by the number of people linking to it, proving it was a good source of information.

However, of late digital endorsement has become very corrupted with people buying links and putting link exchange agreements in place.

Linking from sites that break the search engine guidelines can have a negative effect on your site. For instance, if the site that links to you is poorly structured, has duplicated content and is riddled with keywords Google will not look at it as a reliable source, therefore your site will not benefit.

3 -Bad Site Structure

Although many do not think that the structure of a site would have a huge bearing on ranking it in fact does, with visitors needing to be presented with a clean site that they can navigate themselves around.

Put it this way, if a site is messy it will encourage people to leave the site a lot quicker than if it was inviting, restricting the level of engagement the site can with the user.

4 – Poor Performance

As a society we rely on speed, wanting a site that is responsive and loads quickly.

With the modern internet-user known for being impatient the amount of time your site takes to load is very important. Obviously the more people that are shown to be engaging with your site the higher Google will rank it.


We hope that these tips have helped and you see a vast improvement on your site.

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If you have no experience in the marketing arena but would like to promote your company to the right people you may be pretty surprised by just how easy it can be. When setting up a business many can place too much focus on the operational side of their company, and although an imperative feature you must ensure you create a brand that supports what it is you are doing. There is no point doing something well if nobody knows you are doing it!

Here are our top tips for marketing a new business.

Make a plan

Effective marketing strategies are influenced directly from strategic planning, knowing what you want to achieve and defining the tools you need to get there. With the Internet now providing the space for businesses to connect with their audience it is essential that you utilise this, studying the avenues in which you can use to get to your target audience.

Whether it be blog posts, e-shots, newsletters or running competitions on social media, planning your marketing strategy around online user experience will see you reach the levels of success you deserve.

Web Content 

All modern businesses must have a website, no matter what. With over 80% of the UK taking to their keypad to research a product or service you must gear your site up to deliver the message you want to convey.

This can be achieved through content marketing, building your site with informative, punchy content that will attract both your audiences and the Google search engine.

With a well designed, responsive website that offers impartial advice on the industry you are working in your site will be recognised by Google, seeing the technology giants rank it highly for all relevant searches.

However, content marketing is an on-going process. As Google guidelines progress so must your approach to web content.

 Email Marketing 

Email marketing can be a cheap way to send news of your business directly to the mailbox of a potential customer. With free programmes such as Mailchimp permitting you to design e shots that are visually pleasing you can monitor how people are connecting with such messages, learning from each and every campaign.


There is no such thing as having too many friends, especially in business. By building a network of partners and affiliates you can cast your marketing net further, inspiring others to spread the word of your business free of charge.

Start by attending networking events. There are many companies that offer this service, helping up and coming businesses connect with those that can enhance their company.

Social Media

Social media is King! With modern society glued to their iPhones social media is the perfect platform to advertise your company, attracting friends and followers to your pages. As well as providing the space for you to constantly deliver messages and encourage brand awareness a Twitter or Facebook page can also create a hub for reviews. Allowing you to both attract and monitor comments made social media permits you to study what people are saying about your brand, giving you ideas to either further develop areas or abort a mission.

Has this blog helped answer your questions about marketing? Leave your comments below.

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Youtube has a billion unique users every single month (according to YouTube), with the world relying on the site for music, tutorials and informative videos. With Facebook only generating 900 million users per month the power of the YouTube channel can often be overlooked.

Although providing a fountain of knowledge YouTube also offers the space for us to let out our silly side, watching compilation videos of cats and other stupid material.

Whatever you use YouTube for you know that whatever you search you will be presented with, being an easily accessible format for users to fulfil a need. This is why it is imperative for businesses to utilise this tool, making YouTube a big part of an integrated marketing plan.


By designing and optimising your YouTube channel inline with your brand colours and shapes you will show continuity as a company, ensuring that people know whose channel they have landed on. The aim is to make new people aware of what you are doing, enticing them with unique material that will see them want to hit that subscribe button.

When looking at channels such as GoPro you can clearly see how YouTube is an effective marketing tool, allowing business to celebrate their creative side through video marketing.


If you are working for quite a seriously themed business it can be hard to express your brand’s personality to the fullest. YouTube can show your audience that you have many strings to you bow, with customers seeing your business in a refreshingly new light.


By creating how-to videos and delivering material that searchers are looking for on YouTube you can place your business amongst new potential customers, widening your target audience to a plethora of demographics. With the content being such a huge focus you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target customer, thinking what videos would help them in their everyday life.

Where traditional marketing was heavily focused on making a call to action modern online marketing is far less aggressive, with Youtube providing the space for people to engage with a business not be dictated by one.


Through posting a series of videos you can tell the story of your business visually, not throwing promises at customers but showing them proof of what you as a business can do. This celebrates your business and the services you can provide, showing visitors a catalogue of abilities that they feel confident in.

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Moz is the online marketing information hub, a platform that we at Mobo hold in extremely high regard. Moz is best-known for it’s offering of advice, helping webmasters build and maintain sites that work to the best of their ability.

With the Mobo team constantly sourcing inspiration from the people at Moz we thought we would share a few tips that we use day in day out.


Moz is a keen advocate of the 20-80 rule, believing that writers should spend 20% of their time writing articles and 80% of their time promoting them, using all of their marketing tactics to bring traffic to their site. Although this seems like an easy formula it is essential that your articles are worth reading. Moz states:

‘If you want a ton of traffic – you have to make your content “contagious”.’
‘I see lots of bloggers writing mediocre articles and then using all the promotion tactics they know to bring some visitors.’
‘But that’s not the way it works.’

Google now recognises quality more than it ever has in the past, gauging the relevance of an article based on the level of interaction it is encouraging.


Users now need to be drawn in visually to pages; this is why it is essential that your article is visually pleasing, considering all types of visitors. Where some people enjoying reading content thoroughly others prefer to be fed information through imagery and videography, therefore you should accommodate all types of engagers.

Creating your own branded, custom images can be a great way to get recognised on the web, creating something that people want to endorse and share. Whether it be a screen shot, a comic or a short video, it is essential that you get creative when structuring an article’s imagery.

Check this short episode of Whiteboard Friday where Rand Fishkin perfectly explains what we mean:


What is the point of a great article if nobody sees it?

At mobo we are celebrated for our SEO services, building content that speaks to the search engine.

Before we start writing on a particular topic within a client’s industry we ensure that this is something the audience searches for, carrying out research prior to compiling an article. Moz agrees with this approach, stating:

‘Once I decide to cover a certain topic on my blog I go to Google Keyword Planner and brainstorm possible keywords that people may search for.’

Although much speculation about keyword stuffing it is still essential that your content is built in a way hat tells Google what it is about, with embedding keywords being one of the only ways to do so.

We hope these tips help you in your online marketing strategy. If you are in need of marketing assistance then contact us at mobo and allow us to help lend a helping hand.

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As you will know the Mobo team have been pretty busy of late, juggling various different design and marketing projects here at the Cardiff office. With March being what we have dubbed ‘Caffeine Appreciation Month’ we were happy to celebrate the launch of, a website for the UK’s leading coach hire company.

Being one of our biggest projects to date it was essential that everything looked, read and felt perfect.

‘We spent months planning a content marketing strategy in order to get the site optimising for all relevant searches. Offering such an array of services meant that we had to be very clever in regards to design, branding and SEO’ said Alex of Mobo.

The whole team were overjoyed to sit back and watch our baby climb the Google ranks so quickly, with our SEO team proud to see all their hard work recognised.

Features of the website

The new and improved site boasts a wealth of incredible features, making it the most sophisticated, modern website in the coach hire industry. New updates include:

  • Responsive design
  • Live chat
  • Flat design
  • Online quote system
  • Vehicle gallery

Coach Broker

Coach Broker Director, Tej Randeva, is extremely happy with the end result.

‘The whole team are really pleased with the site and will definitely be using Mobo again. The guys listened to what we needed from the site and have delivered on all of their promises. I would not hesitate to recommend Mobo’.

Take a look at and tell us what you think!

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With modern searchers now mainly coming to websites through mobile devices Google are making many changes to the way in which they work, having to accommodate to emerging trends in searching. Their algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns, constantly requiring them to introduce their infamous updates.

Where algorithm updates either come with vague or no warnings at all it seems Google have changed their approach, today releasing a blog to keep us in the loop.

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog states:

‘Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.’

Google will be placing much focus on scalable, adaptable sites that speak to the needs of the modern internet user. Previously Google added ‘mobile-friendly’ labels to mobile browser friendly content, clearly illustrating which sites were geared up to which devices.

With Google’s mission to present the most relevant search results, their algorithms will now optimise results against this ranking factor.

Alterations in Applications

For many searches the most relevant result is found in app content. Starting today Google will to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking. However, this is only for signed-in users who have the app installed.

‘Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search.’

How will MOBO react?

Although we have always built responsive sites that are mobile-friendly we will make this even more of a focus during the coming months, making our mark in a time that many techies are calling ‘Mobilegeddon’.

Alex, Director at MOBO says:

‘Where we have always designed for mobile first anyway, we are now seeing a demand for mobile-friendly sites getting greater and greater with many of our customers eager to get amongst the generation of mobile searchers. We are also taking enquiries for mobile-only sites, with many companies only wanting to be shown for mobile searches.’

Need a mobile-friendly site?

If you are in need of a mobile-friendly website then contact MOBO Media today and speak with an expert designer.

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As you will probably know, Google are the Kings of the online world, dictating pretty much everything when it comes to our digital community. As MOBO techies we always have to stay one step ahead of the game, making sure we are ready and waiting for any Google updates.

What is a Google update?

A Google update usually refers to a set of algorithm updates and data refreshes, alterations that can often change the visibility of a website. Google periodically initiates these changes to help enhance the value of its search query results for users.

It is worth noting that Google are always working with one ethos in mind, to create a better service for the end user, not the Webmaster or Business owner. This is why our MOBOTS have to do the same, building sites that people want to engage with. This philosophy can been seen in everything we do, from copywriting and design through to development.

The embarrassing pickle

The latest update has come off of the back of a spell of Google panic, whereby people discovered that localised searches were useful for derogatory and racist terms. For example, until last week, if you searched ‘N**ga House’, Google would present you with images and information about The White House. Sparking universal concern Google undoubtedly had to change the way local searches were generated, getting themselves out of this embarrassing pickle.

In a statement Google said:

‘This week, we had some problems with Google Maps, which was displaying results for certain offensive search queries. Like many of you, we were deeply upset by this issue, and we are fixing it now. We apologize this has taken some time to resolve, and want to share more about what we are doing to correct the problem.’

Taking many measures to rectify this, Google have internally tried to shake things up, instilling fear in SEO’s all over the world.

‘We’ve started to update our ranking system to address the majority of these searches—this will gradually roll out globally and we’ll continue to refine our systems over time’

Google continued.

As cool as a cucumber

Where Webmasters throughout Wales were in a state of panic as this announcement was made, we at MOBO simply popped on the kettle, knowing that our long-standing SEO excellence would pay off.

If you would like to learn more about how the MOBOTS can protect and save you from such Google hits then.