We at SEO News have been slightly obsessed with Spice 2 Go over the past couple of days, especially preoccupied with their promotion of digital culture, encouraging consumers and potential investors to visit their site and interact with the brand.

The way the firm operates is both intriguing and admirable, ticking all the boxes when it comes to SEO, web design and social media interaction.

Being the avid tweeters that they are we always knew that their appearance on Dragons’ Den would spark conversation and commentary on Twitter, but we didn’t realise the lengths in which people would go to show support for the franchise business.

Where many people have wanted to show entrepreneur Tej their thoughts on his pitch others wish to commend Spice 2 Go on their ground-breaking website, making these comments predominantly through Twitter.

‘I designed the site in a way that would grab people’s attention. We knew that we would experience a lot of traffic during and after the show. We needed to utilise this by enticing searchers to the site and keeping them on there’ said Spice 2 Go Designer, Benjamin Jones.

Head of I.T Alexander Wigmore worked closely with the design team when developing the site.

‘We wanted to create something that was eye-catching, interesting and sharable, carefully crafting the content for SEO purposes.’ Said Alex.

It is safe to say that Spice 2 Go’s PR plan has really worked for them. You only have to search ‘Spice 2 Go Dragons Den’ to be inundated with articles and reviews on the firm.

Their presence on social media platforms has arguably been the catalyst of the public image they have created, subliminally encouraging people to leave their thoughts and opinions online.

Take a look at a handful of tweets from the night Spice 2 Go appeared on Dragons’ Den.

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