The fact that SEO is imperative for companies has been a subject of debate in recent years with brands feeling pressurised to invest in a service that they know little about.

With so many conflicting ideas about SEO and content marketing we understand why some companies fail in getting the ranking that they hope.

Retail has been the latest industry to feel the sting that bad SEO can influence with H&M recently feeling the wrath of falling down the ranks of the search engine.

In a recent research project analysis of keywords that included ‘Bikini’ found that H&M lost 65 per cent in SEO reach between 2013 – 2014 while Misguided had increased reach by 1159 per cent. Shopstyle rose reach by 186 per cent.

This illustrates just how much SEO focus is needed to be a successful retail corporation in the modern age.

Many feel that timing is key for SEO success, ensuring that your site’s content is relevant for emerging trends and fashions.

SEO experts One Hydra said: “The only way to succeed in this digital age is to adapt. Adjusting SEO keywords depending to suit the trends and seasons as they happen – rather than weeks or even months after is crucial for brand success.”

With SEO bringing shoppers to certain pages, would this really stop you from shopping against the search engine’s recommendations?

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