It’s that time of year again. While most of the population is working their way through dull fad diets and trying not the break their New Year’s resolutions, over at MOBO Media HQ we’re busy drooling over the latest tech offerings to come out of the International Consumer Electronics Show.
While we weren’t lucky enough to jet across the pond to Las Vegas this year, we’ve been keeping a close eye on what the industry’s biggest names have been bringing to the table. And from fully automated, interconnected homes to self-driving cars, there’s certainly been plenty to get excited about.In the office, we love using Amazon’s Alexa to dim the lights and play our favourite tunes.
So imagine our excitement when we took a peak at ‘Muse’ – a surprisingly affordable system that allows you to add the popular virtual assistant Alexa to your car. In the form of a disk smaller than the palm of your hand, the Muse attaches to your vehicle’s USB socket and responds to a surprisingly specific array of commands. Of course, there are a limited amount of things that you can do in a car – and the Muse is obviously limited in turn. But if you’re searching for a cool, hands free way to adjust the temperature, take notes and choose a playlist from Spotify – all without taking your hands off the wheel – it’s hard to beat at around £50 a piece.
As well as transforming our driving experience, there was some great tech at CES that promises to change the way we watch movies and TV. Our favourite was the LG rollable OLED TV – a 65-inch, 4K screen that conveniently rolls up like a newspaper to fit inside a compact rectangular base. And for added bonus points, its size can be modified – so you can tailor the aspect ratio to suit your preference.
Unsurprisingly, virtual reality was big news at CES this year – and the HTC Vive Pro is our pick of the bunch. Featuring a whopping 78 percent increase in resolution, the headset has been tweaked and updated to provide the ultimate immersive experience. What’s more, there’s also an option to go fully wireless – something that has so far been lacking in many of its competitors’ offerings.

Amazingly, that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and CES featured a dizzying array of tech from all around the world. And while 2018 continues to get into its stride, we can’t wait to see which will disappear into obscurity – and which will become essential parts of our everyday lives.

Image Sources:
LG rollable tv
HTC Vive Pro

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