Your company logo is at the core of your branding universe, with the need for it to be perfect greatly dramatised.

Where many logos die of death you need to make sure that your logo stays with the times, being malleable so that it can change to be inline with modern design.

Your logo is a vital way of communicating what your business is about, your services as well as your ethos. Where many choose to get complicated with their logo designs we suggest going simple, allowing your company message to be easily relayed to the masses.

As consumers it is true that we are visually orientated, wanting to learn about something without having to reads paragraph after paragraph of content. When creating a logo you must always keep in mind that it is the key visual representation of what you stand for, the epicenter of all company branding that all material must follow.

When thinking that the artless BP Logo cost a whopping £4.6 million to make it really puts into perspective how significant an effective logo is in advertising a business, with large corporations such as BP borderline obsessed by the message their logo conveys.

So, we suggest picking three elements that you want to illustrate through your logo, whether it by your geographic location, your target market or your business name, we at mobo can make this happen.

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