Top ways to design web menus that don’t suck

As we’ve noted and discussed in our last blog, there are certainly right and wrong ways to navigate website traffic. Additionally, one of the most common mistakes that designers make is overlooking the importance of web menu designs. Overcrowded, clunky and missing navigation are the most common issues, that quite… Read more »

Top navigation mistakes to avoid in web design

Mazes can be fun, but trying to find out way out of a fairly complex one may make them not seem so fun anymore. They can certainly be downright frustrating. A web design, should therefore be everything that a maze is not. It should show visitors, (which are all potential… Read more »

Top 5 reasons why web design matters to your business

We at Mobo are strong believers in the notion that good design within a business is a must, but it’s questionable at times just how much companies do value design in their workplace. So, to outline exactly why it is of huge importance to have good design within your business,… Read more »