Top web design elements that can drive sales  

While a great-looking website can do wonders for brand awareness, Stakeholders will require a lot more that pretty aesthetics, in need of online marketing activity that has a direct impact on sales/revenue. Here at MOBO, we have been offering web design and development in Cardiff for many years, understanding how… Read more »

Minimalist web design: What are the essentials? 

Minimalism is a web design theme that has lorded the past five years. However, it is about a lot more than white space and a lack of information. Being huge fans of the web design style, we at MOBO thought we would dig deeper into the ‘essentials’ of minimalist. Clean… Read more »

Modern-retro: The latest web design trend  

The modern retro web design trend is becoming increasingly popular of late, with we at MOBO thoroughly enjoying working with such innovative themes. Giving users that desired feeling of nostalgia, modern-retro is a web design trend that will only become more apparent on the web over the next few months…. Read more »

Google Maps morphs into Pac Man for April Fool’s Day

With April Fool’s Day being a Marketer’s dream, the internet is always filled with hilarious memes and outlandish comments on April 1st , with Google’s creativity always impressing us here at MOBO. This year, we saw Google reimagine Google Maps, turning it into a Pac-Man game. Giving us at MOBO… Read more »

Google to hire more people to deal with ‘questionable content’

Google has announced that they will be hiring more staff to police ‘questionable content’. This report comes after complaints regarding the google sharing website, YouTube. According to Google Chief Officer, Phillip Schindler, brands that use the site have bailed due to their advertisements being placed on extremist and questionable sites…. Read more »

A start-up guide to branding

At Mobo, we have helped thousands of new businesses form a brand, with the need to secure business image being very important during the infancy of a company. Celebrating your USPs, good branding will have a direct correlation with sales success; especially if you are an online-focused business. Being much… Read more »