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How Google Are Keeping Content Marketers on Their Toes

Where SEO was initially achieved through understanding the way in which Google ranks websites, using trickery and know-how, this is no longer the case. SEO was once seen as wizardry where it is now admirably transparent, with content marketers being heavily relied on to bring their company’s site into the… Read more »

H&M Falls Behind as Missguided SEO Triumphs

The fact that SEO is imperative for companies has been a subject of debate in recent years with brands feeling pressurised to invest in a service that they know little about. With so many conflicting ideas about SEO and content marketing we understand why some companies fail in getting the… Read more »

House of Fraser Headhunt ASOS SEO Specialist James Peach

Where businesses used to place a heavy focus on areas such as customer services and accounts it has become pretty clear that the I.T department is now the focal business division for many large firms, especially retail. Department store group House of Fraser are the latest to invest heavily in… Read more »

Why SEO Firms Are Now Relying on Journalists

It appears that online marketing and SEO practices are not what they used to be, progressing to involve the figure of the journalist more than ever before. On the back of a series of Google alterations and updates we have seen a shift in search algorithms, influencing SEO firms to… Read more »

Google Launch New Domain Name Register Service

As we are all aware Google are a secretive bunch, constantly launching updates and new services that we are not expecting. The search giants have this week launched its new domain name registration service, again expanding their already huge offering of diverse services. Trying their hand at the domain register… Read more »

Law Firm Sues SEO Company for Using ‘Spammy’ Methods

An SEO firm is supposedly being sued by their law firm clients as a result of building link farms that do not adhere to Google’s guidelines, trying to cheat the system that Google are insistent on monitoring of late. With the client disgraced by the dishonest service they have received,… Read more »