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70% of Brits check Facebook before bed

According to a recent study, some 73% of Brits regularly check their social network page before falling asleep. This figure means British people are more likely to be found on their laptop or smart phone surfing the web before lights out than reading a book or flicking through a magazine,… Read more »

New social network launched by Facebook co-founder

Chris Hughes co-founder the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, has now turned his attention to creating a new social network, this time aimed at helping the world to become a better place. The newly formed network named Jumo, aims to connect charities with organisations and individuals around the world… Read more »

Yahoo reveals its most popular searches of 2010

The search engine Yahoo has revealed its annual list of the most popular searches made throughout the year of 2010. While the list is mainly dominated by celebrity names, heading up the poll in the number one spot of subjects searched on Yahoo this year was the BP oil spill… Read more »

Twitter boycott in aid of charity

Hoards of celebrities have vowed to boycott Twitter until $1 million has been raised for the Keep a Child Alive charity. High profile Twitterers such as Lady GaGa and Usher have agreed to cease using all social media including Facebook and Twitter, until the target sum has been reached. Fellow… Read more »

Women feel more pressure than men to be witty on Facebook

According to a recent study, women feel more pressurised to come up with engaging and interesting status updates when compared to men, but overall, social media is affecting all of our stress levels. While networks such as Facebook and Twitter are a great way of keeping in touch with friends… Read more »

Facebook move closer to trademark success

Facebook have made the first successful step towards getting the word “face” trademarked after the popular social network was granted a Notice of Allowance from trademark officails this week. The social network started the ball roll two years ago with a view to trademarking both the words “face” and “book”… Read more »

Skype hits milestone of 25 million concurrent users

The internet communication service Skype hit a new high this week when it recorded 25 million concurrent users communicating via Skype services at the same time. Skype has been going from strength to strength in 2010 with the help of a number of high profile partnerships with other online providers,… Read more »

MySpace submits to Facebook in new venture

It’s been revealed that social network MySpace has signed a deal with Facebook which will allow users to log-in to their MySpace account via Facebook. A number of other features have been ported over between the two social networks following the joint agreement. A Facebook Like button is in the… Read more »