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According to recent study by Google, Welsh businesses are falling behind the rest of the UK in terms of their level of web exposure, however there is a solution in the form of a Cardiff based web design company who are poised to pull Welsh companies in line with the rest of the world.

The study, which was reported by the BBC see following link found that a staggering 25% of small to medium sized businesses in Wales have no web presence whatsoever, while just 58% have a high online presence. Given that recent figures suggest that the internet economy contributed £100 billion to UK economy last year, it’s feared that Wales could be missing a very crucial and expensive trick.

However help is at hand in the form of a newly developed web site rental company, Web Leasing Ltd based in Cardiff Bay, South Wales. The company is offering a service unlike any other web site design company which could be the answer to the prayers of businesses who are failing to get up to speed with the demands of online marketing.

Web Leasing does exactly what it says on the tin, they rent websites to businesses. With expertise in Search Engine Optimisation, link building, design and highly optimised content, Web Leasing is able to offer a one-stop shop for companies to obtain a professional and effective website to ensure their business enjoys a highly visible web presence.

Each website is created on a case by case basis and is tailored to the individual clients’ needs. Although the company head quarters are based in Cardiff, Web Leasing is a national company, targeting companies throughout the UK with a team of re-sellers based in their local areas who liaise with the businesses to ensure they receive a website which meets all of their requirements.

As the Google figures showed, companies which don’t have a presence on the web could potentially be missing out on a huge amount of business. As it’s not economically viable for small and medium sized businesses to employ a team of web experts to run their websites, Web Leasing offers companies the opportunity to have a professionally made and run website, without the financial burden.

For more information on the services offers by Web Leasing Ltd, please see the following link

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