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High Gear Insurance continues to climb the Google SEO ranks

At SEO News we have been closely monitoring the insurance industry of late, greatly intrigued by the astounding efforts brokers are making when attempting to achieve top ranking on Google. Showing a passion for online marketing it seems that independent brokers are pushing comparison sites aside, encouraging searchers to land… Read more »

How Google Are Keeping Content Marketers on Their Toes

Where SEO was initially achieved through understanding the way in which Google ranks websites, using trickery and know-how, this is no longer the case. SEO was once seen as wizardry where it is now admirably transparent, with content marketers being heavily relied on to bring their company’s site into the… Read more »

H&M Falls Behind as Missguided SEO Triumphs

The fact that SEO is imperative for companies has been a subject of debate in recent years with brands feeling pressurised to invest in a service that they know little about. With so many conflicting ideas about SEO and content marketing we understand why some companies fail in getting the… Read more »

Google Update on its way?

As avid web enthusiasts we are constantly monitoring the fluctuation of Google ranking, attempting to understand the minefield that it website positioning. The placing of your site is so important in regards to business success with consumer behaviour studies proving its significance. Over the years we have found that searchers… Read more »

New Insurance Broker Gears Up For SEO

High Gear Insurance is a firm that seems to be hitting headlines throughout the nation, putting its services forth as a ‘revolution’ in the taxi insurance sector. Taxi insurance is not traditionally an exciting topic, yet High Gear has managed to create a substantial buzz, offering much more than just… Read more »

Most expensive domain for sale is currently the UK’s most valuable domain name for sale and it’s being sold exclusively on a new leading domain name brokerage website, A2Z Domains. This highly coveted and desirable domain is available only through, a new domain marketplace which was launched on Monday, set to take the… Read more »

Second Spice 2 Go store opens in Cardiff today

At 4pm today, the UK’s first and only Indian takeaway and delivery chain Spice 2 Go will open its second store, which is located on Cardiff’s Albany Road, creating up to 40 new jobs in the area. The Cardiff store will officially open its doors to the public tomorrow at 4pm, in… Read more »

Indian takeaway franchise chain Spice 2 Go and SEO

As the first and only branded Indian takeaway franchise chain in the UK, Spice 2 Go is in the unique and advantageous position of having effective SEO tactics at its disposal. This puts it streets ahead of other Indian takeaways in terms of marketing and exposure, because its SERP is… Read more »