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Man accidentally divorces wife during Skype chat

A Muslim man is paying a high price for a joke he made while chatting to his wife on a messenger conversation on Skype. The man in question jokingly typed “talaq”, which translates as “I divorce thee”, three times in a row during a conversation with his wife on the… Read more »

Detectives to receive Facebook and social media training

Police detectives are about to receive in depth training in how to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to track down criminals and hunt for clues related to specific crimes. With the rise in popularity of social media, the police are often expected to investigate crimes through… Read more »

Are Twitter talking tough about trademarks and tweets?

Not desiring their brand to go the way of Xerox, Aspirin and Kleenex (which lost their trademark status in the US), the folks at Twitter wrote a post linking to not only their new logos, but also highlighting the rules when it comes to using “tweet” or “twitter” in a… Read more »