Spice 2 Go is responsible for the new curry revolution! The food franchise stores have taken both the culinary and SEO world by storm, possessing a modernity that is an essential business construction in the 21st Century. This innovative chain of restaurants is the first assemblage of branded Indian fast food establishments in the UK. They have a strong student following through social media platforms and are constantly running competitions in an aid to interact with consumers. The growing online following is expanding each day, which is great news for the Spice 2 Go team.

Having a strong online presence has informed this success with a dedicated web team devoted to keeping their content up to date, relevant and in the public eye. This is an extremely different story when compared against your local Indian takeaway that does not really advertise or intermingle with customers, especially not in this fashion. Spice 2 Go News enthrals in all things spicy food related in the news, attracting a large readership of curry lovers. As curry is Britain’s favorite dish they are in an advantageous position to attract customers, as usually consumers will direct themselves to the things they wish to search for.

Through implementation of keywords and keeping their sites replenished with exciting fresh stories, they are definitely heading in the right direction to a variety of online successes. The in house journalists have ensured top ranking as far as online news is concerned with articles constantly being approved by Google News, standing strongly in first position.

Only really being in the exposition of their business venture, they have already received a warm and spicy online welcoming with thousands of likes on Facebook in a very short period of time. Their technological ethos is greatly commendable with an easy to use online ordering system that can be used by the masses, maximising sales and potential clientele.

Their agenda is to carry a technological element of efficiency that will open up their brand to the technological minded and non-technological minded alike. They are also working on an App that will soon be imbedded in smartphones nationally!

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