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5 Things We Learnt at Facebook’s ‘Boost Your Business’ Event

Where Will’s mum from the Inbetweeners has taught us all we need to know about ‘the Facebooks’ we at MOBO thought we would get a second opinion, yesterday attending the Facebook ‘Boost Your Business’ event at Cardiff National History Museum. Welcoming business owners and digital marketers from all over the… Read more »

If Content is King What is Queen?

At MOBO we live by just a few commandments, with the first being – ‘Content is King’. Understanding the power of great content we take a very effective approach to creating website copy, blog posts and other marketing material, wanting our clients to experience the best possible online presence they can…. Read more »

Blogging for Businesses

At MOBO we employ a team of writers, here to bring our designs to life through words. From funny blogs to killer copy they deliver a whole range of digital marketing services to our clients. One of their main duties is blogging, being an integral part of a successful online… Read more »

A Day in the Life of our Director/Web Developer

We’ve noticed over the past few years that our general studio manager, who plays a very varied role in our company, from being a director, through to getting his hands dirty in all types of web development, seems to have a fairly robust and rigid daily routine. Noticing this we… Read more »

Are You Mobophobic?

Before we start we should probably clear up what a Mobophobe actually is. Mobophobia is: Verb – To feel stressed and anxious and when your mobile phone runs out of battery power, drops its network connection, or in the worst case, gets misplaced and lost. Noun –  A panic attack… Read more »

celebs with an eye for web design

Design is an industry that welcomes the weird and the wonderful, known for enticing those with a creative flair. Where many think that the web design industry is filled with spec-wearing Star Wars geeks there are a few that break the mould. Here are some well-known celebrities that you would… Read more »

MOBO is nominated for a NET Award!

Having only set up MOBO just shy of a year ago we were greatly surprised by the news that we had been nominated for a Net Award! Overwhelmed by the recognition we decided to crack open a new jar of coffee, you know, the posh stuff! What is a Net… Read more »

How the MOBOTS responded to the latest Google update

As you will probably know, Google are the Kings of the online world, dictating pretty much everything when it comes to our digital community. As MOBO techies we always have to stay one step ahead of the game, making sure we are ready and waiting for any Google updates. What… Read more »

Choosing the Right Web Design Agency For You

According to MOBO Director, Alex Wigmore, choosing a web design agency requires far more research than a browse through Google, with your selection being imperative to the success of your business online. Where picking a supplier is usually all about the product web design is a service, one that demands… Read more »