Google has recently unveiled its most searched terms of the year as part of the leading search engine’s Zeitgeist 2010. For the first time ever, Google also released a video to accompany the Zeitgeist list of the most popular search terms of the year.

Technology, celebrities and disasters topped this year’s survey which gives a snapshot of what has caught our attention over the last 12 months. Google has examined millions of queries via its search engine during the past year to bring us the results.

In the category of fastest rising search term, Chatroulette came out on top. The website connects random people via video chat, with the catch being you never know who is going to pop up next. The social network service has come in for some criticism since its introduction because of the potential safety risks connected, however this has done little to dampen Chatroulette’s popularity, as Google’s survey reveals.

In second place in the fastest rising category was the Apple iPad which was launched to great fanfare earlier this year. While Google noted a surge of search queries in the lead up to the official launch of the iPad, the search engine reports that it continues to deal with a large number of searches for the device several months on from the launch. Google is also noting searches for the follow up to the Apple device, the iPad2, which is yet to receive a release date.

US pop sensation Justin Bieber came in at number one on the most searched terms for 2010 under the Entertainment category, and was ranked third on the fastest rising search term. The Haiti earthquake, Pakistan floods, and BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico all appeared in the most searched terms of the year according to Google.

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