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Is SEO a Game? Search Awards Judge Edward Cowell Explains

SEO Gurus are arguably the celebrities of the modern age, with those who successfully crack the algorithm code being figures of fascination in the world of technology. At mobo we are extremely passionate about sharing our knowledge on SEO, helping not only our customers but all of our site visitors. With so… Read more »

Meet Alex, our very own Web Developer

Although socially awkward at times this young man is arguably the brains behind our projects, bringing designs and projects to life through code. Where his ability to talk to the opposite sex is often questioned his development skills are far from doubted, renowned for coding at a tremendously fast pace…. Read more »

Why We Think Carefully About Font in Web Design

Contrary to popular belief size matters! Now, get those dirty thoughts out of your mind and let’s discuss typography. With the demand for responsive web design has come the need for web designers to refine their skills, especially when it comes to font and typography. Having a huge bearing on… Read more »

5 App Design Shifts of 2015

Although 2015 is only in its infancy we are already seeing new apps showcasing unique features that we did not see in 2014, with the new year set to have a whole new experience when working apps. With 88% of the youth population now owning a smartphone apps have become… Read more »

The Taylor Swift SEO Parody

The subject of SEO is infamous for splitting opinion, with many online marketers displaying strong opinions on what Google does and does not favour. Where we all agree that stuffing content with keywords and spammy backlinks are a thing of the past you would be surprised just how many people… Read more »

Top web design focuses of 2015

Even though our mummies used to say that ‘looks were not everything’ she was wrong, with image being EVERYTHING in web design. If a website is not tuned up to speak to the modern user then you run the risk of loosing visitors, seeing your bounce rate get higher and… Read more »

YouTube channel optimisation: It makes a difference!

Youtube has a billion unique users every single month (according to YouTube), with the world relying on the site for music, tutorials and informative videos. With Facebook only generating 900 million users per month the power of the YouTube channel can often be overlooked. Although providing a fountain of knowledge… Read more »

Web design layout trends of 2015

The approach to web design has progressed majorly over the past ten years, with digital design witnessing trends that are cemented in the history of technology. With a website being the front face of any modern business it is essential that flourishing businesses keep their site looking fresh, inline with… Read more »