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MOBO joins forces with Rajeev B for International PR campaign

As you will know at MOBO Media we offer a whole gamut of services, helping our client’s with everything from web design and development to marketing and PR. As a result we have recently signed a year-long agreement with international Bhangra star Rajeev B, further promoting his already highly-regarded talents…. Read more »

Technology in the city: Cardiff’s rapidly-growing tech community

When strolling through the streets of Cardiff, past its ornate buildings you will quickly notice that Cardiff is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, packed with stunning architecture and picturesque views. What you may not notice at first glance is the city’s vibrant, rapidly-growing tech community, constantly working to provide a… Read more »

MOBO Respond to Google Update Announcement

With modern searchers now mainly coming to websites through mobile devices Google are making many changes to the way in which they work, having to accommodate to emerging trends in searching. Their algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns, constantly requiring them to introduce their infamous updates. Where algorithm updates… Read more »

Skills all web designers must perfect

Although web design is a masterful, niche talent it does not simply end with being visually creative, with successful designers needing to constantly keep one eye focused on the goings on of the web design world. At MOBO we are constantly reverting back to school kids (not in a weird… Read more »

3 Steps to Perfect Your SEO Strategy

As our PR Manager always says ‘a rubbish SEO strategy is about as much use as a chocolate teapot’ (that is the PG version), and although a tiny bit aggressive we think she may have a point. Too often do we see blogs throwing information at us, not really tailoring a… Read more »

MOBO’s new web design office space

MOBO decided to finally up sticks and get a new office space near Cardiff Bay at the end of March 2015. The old office design was looking a bit dated and not really inline with the MOBO feel. The aim was to build a real workspace that invoked creativity with a homely feel; an environment that makes… Read more »

Meet Hraday Joshi – He Was An Early Developer

We would like to introduce you to Hraday, MOBO’s very own in-house developer. Although known for introducing the office to some weird and wonderful Asian delicacies he is also a pretty dab hand at web development, bringing designs to life through code. Working closely with the MOBO design team Hraday… Read more »

Top 5 Gadgets of Today (according to Mobo)

At Mobo our office is made up of technological trinkets, often depicting an Inspector Gadget convention. Our tech wizards are constantly adding to our collection on junk, I mean gadgets, seeing our staff room filled with items such as pizza scissors and radio-toaster combos. It seems that it is not just Mobo… Read more »