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Coach hire company, Coach Broker revamps website

The UK’s leading coach hire provider, Coach Broker, has this week unveiled their brand new website. The coach hire provider’s main site has undergone a complete revamp with a new design and page layout, new sections added along with a fresh logo design. As an internet based company, it’s essential that the company’s main website is easy to navigate and conveys a professional image from the outset, which was something the site’s makeover has achieved.

Coach Broker has enlisted a team of search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist to work on the new website using the very latest techniques including strategies, quality content and strategically placed meta-tags in coding so as ensure the site performs well whilst competing with industry websites.

A range of high-quality images of coaches and minibuses within the Coach Broker fleet are displayed on the new site along with several video clips to showcase the vehicles in action. The aim is to create a website which is highly informative so as to provide visitors to the site with all the details they could possibly need about the services offered by Coach Broker.

Take a look at the brand new state of the art site now to see the newly designed website for yourself by clicking the following link

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Relief is on the way for your busy days, or for those who absolutely hate wasting time on the telephone. Imagine scheduling appointments, making reservations at restaurants, and conducting all of the time-stealing tasks throughout the day that keep you on hold without ever picking up the phone or even sitting down to type out a text or email. How is this possible? This ultra convenience is being developed with new technology, called Google Duplex, that is coursing excitement through amazed onlookers and taking the concept of Alexa to a whole new level, and freshly just announced at Google I/O 2018.

Google I/O is an annual conference presented by Google. It is intended mainly for developers, but savvy observers realize that it’s also when Google makes some big product announcements. This year, CEO Sundar Pichai amazed the audience when he demonstrated the innovation of Google Duplex by showing off actual conversations that had the technology make phone calls, schedule an appointment for a hairdresser, and even inserted a personalized, “mmhmm” to the conversation. By the end of the phone call, Google Duplex had successfully scheduled an appointment for a haircut as the ultimate assistant without the hairdresser at the salon realizing she was speaking to AI technology in place of a live person.

Pichai explained how this interactive technology that not only routinely and remotely goes through the steps of a process that has been programmed into a computer chip, but actually picks up on the nuance of the conversation to the point of redirecting its response when the conversation takes unexpected turns. He further demonstrated an example of having Google Duplex call a restaurant to make a reservation, and the person on the other end of the phone presented confusing information. This new technology didn’t miss a beat, even responding with a casual, “Gotcha, yes!”

Keep your eyes and ears out for this advancement in the ultimate assistant to be rolled out for you to use after testing and complex training is complete. Testing for Google Duplex is expected to take place this summer. Listen to the live conversations and learn more about this new technology on Google’s published blog post. Google hopes that it will not only be a virtual assistant that interacts and responds like a real human voice but also for it to be able to automatically and immediately update information on sitemap searches such as holiday hours.

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At Mobo we were incredibly humbled when asked to design the Eposoft website; and with a lot of code and a lot more coffee it is finally live! Being the tech geeks that we are we love designing for fellow passionate techies, with the team being just that!

What does Eposoft do?

The company offer cloud-based EPOS software to businesses all over the globe, specialising in the takeaway industry. Permitting the hungry to order their takeaways through a slick, modern system adds value to the takeaway industry, allowing such companies to bring their business into the modern age of ordering. Being the brains behind the ordering system of Slice, the latest pizza joint in Cardiff, they are already making waves locally.

Their homepage explains:

‘At Eposoft we provide a unique website and online ordering system through which our clients can receive orders online and also allows them to take orders within their takeaway or restaurant in no time using our multifunctional Epos software’.


Where such services are infamously pricey aims to open up the market, rolling out cost effective solutions to ensure great customer service within the industry.

The Company Director states:

‘We created as there was evidently a need and a space for it in the market, with low-quality, dated systems being bought that were incredibly overpriced. Offering 3 different packages we help local and national takeaway stores and chains streamline their business and satisfy customers’.

Check out’s new site and tell us what you think!

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At MOBO we are as patriotic as they come, flying the tech flag for Wales on a constant basis; and we are not the only ones! Over the past few years we have seen investment in Welsh tech through funds such as Finance Wales as well as private investors and oversees Angels. Giving way to incredible innovation we have welcomed some really interesting businesses here in Cardiff, ones that will change the digital UK landscape for the better.

Here is just a snippet of the Welsh tech scene at present!

Codez Academy

Wanting to younger Welsh people involved in technology we just love Codez Academy, a startup that conducts bootcamp-style courses to get both children and adults coding. Launched in 2015 the business already has awards under its belt, with its founder crowned Caerphilly Business Forum Entrepreneur of the Year.


With digital marketing being at the core of all modern business practice the world has made room for companies like Skippr to enter the market, a Cardiff-based firm with many Angels on board. The business is based around the social media site Instagram, allowing users to schedule and collaborate on posts with team members. Recently closing a funding round at the valuation of £600,000 the company now enjoys working with 50 paying customers, constantly working to increase user numbers.

Anything for Hire

Based in Cardiff city centre, Anything for Hire aims to create a solution for the world’s hire needs, being a central hub where users can hire anything from cars and tools to bouncy castles and musicians. With a team of techies behind the idea Anything for Hire has enjoyed substantial investment, enabling them to create the technology for people to shop and purchase hire experiences through their new mobile App.


Solving a mass issue Go2Gp is one of the newest tech start-ups in Wales, reaching the final phase of the Welsh accelerator IdeasFund. Created as a service for both teams and individuals users can obtain health advice with the click of a button, taking the stress of booking an appointment and visiting a GP from their customers.


Targeted at the accountancy industry Senta is a cloud-based service that takes the responsibilities of workflow, document management, CRM and marketing from clients’ hands. Last year the company raised £139,000 out of a £75,000 crowdfunding campaign on investment platform Seedrs, clearly showing investor confidence in the product.

Let us know what you think, which of these Welsh tech startups do you think has the best chance of international success? Leave your comments with us.

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Here at Mobo we have dedicated the past few months to our clients Limo Broker, a national luxury car hire firm. Offering everything from vintage wedding cars to top of the range Lamborghinis, Limo Broker pride themselves on their all-encompassing nature, claiming to be the ‘one stop shop for the UK’s luxury transport needs’.

Renowned for being a forward-thinking firm, Limo Broker asked us to work with them to build a booking system, permitting customers to browse, compare and place orders with complete ease. Honoured to work in coalition with their tech team we have this week rolled out the system, receiving nothing but raving reviews from happy customers.


While already having an online booking process in place MOBO have streamlined the system, with users receiving quotes for vehicle hire in under 60 seconds. Cutting out the need to spend hours on the phone to salespeople, the system sees customer requests answered, automatically searching Limo Broker’s panel to uncover the best rate for a specific vehicle in their area.

Mary Johnson of Cardiff Bay reserved her wedding cars through the system and as one of the first customers to do so we were keen to hear her feedback:

‘I have been calling around various providers for a few months now and was starting to get rather stressed by the task of booking the transport for the day. However, using was a true godsend, I found the exact Rolls Royce Phantoms I was looking for and was presented with a deal well within my budget. I would not hesitate to recommend booking through this site to anyone”

At MOBO we went to great lengths to implement simplicity, with the quote form formatted and worded in a fashion that gives was to clarity. To learn more of our development skill head over to now and request a free, no obligation quote for luxury transport hire.

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Here at MOBO we are are constantly expanding on our suite of digital services, now adding 3D Visual Rendering and VR into the mix.

3D Visual Rendering & Virtual Reality Cardiff

Employing in-house 3D specialists who boast an impressive track record, our team has worked on many projects with various types of clients, working creatively to bring strict briefs to life. Utilising the immense possibilities Unreal Technology can provide, our team works to ‘bring projects to life’, whether that be visualising a new building for a construction company, a football stadium, or a new office space; the sky really is the limit when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR).

Using a VR headset, our team can imagine room-space like no other, providing an unparalleled visual experience that never fails to impress.

Working with clients from all industries in every corner of the country, this national service has already been made use of by various Welsh firms, with the below images all 100% rendered.

3D Visual Rendering and Virtual Reality

So, whether you are based in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham or even Edinburgh, be sure that MOBO can deliver an exceptional 3D Visual Rendering and VR service. Due to the fact that this service is new, we are offering competitive rates for VR work. For more information  contact us today and speak with any one of our friendly team members.