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At Mobo we were incredibly humbled when asked to design the Eposoft website; and with a lot of code and a lot more coffee it is finally live! Being the tech geeks that we are we love designing for fellow passionate techies, with the team being just that!

What does Eposoft do?

The company offer cloud-based EPOS software to businesses all over the globe, specialising in the takeaway industry. Permitting the hungry to order their takeaways through a slick, modern system adds value to the takeaway industry, allowing such companies to bring their business into the modern age of ordering. Being the brains behind the ordering system of Slice, the latest pizza joint in Cardiff, they are already making waves locally.

Their homepage explains:

‘At Eposoft we provide a unique website and online ordering system through which our clients can receive orders online and also allows them to take orders within their takeaway or restaurant in no time using our multifunctional Epos software’.


Where such services are infamously pricey aims to open up the market, rolling out cost effective solutions to ensure great customer service within the industry.

The Company Director states:

‘We created as there was evidently a need and a space for it in the market, with low-quality, dated systems being bought that were incredibly overpriced. Offering 3 different packages we help local and national takeaway stores and chains streamline their business and satisfy customers’.

Check out’s new site and tell us what you think!

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