Things to ask before hiring a web designer

If you are at the stage of business where you are looking to employ a web designer then hold up, you need to do your research! With so many cowboys (and girls) out there it is essential that you assume the role of an interrogator, asking as many questions as… Read more »

Diesel use responsive web design to promote Jogg Jeans

Renowned for their create advertising style Diesel have yet again impressed with their latest marketing efforts, marrying their love for clothing design with their web design ability. Matching online and offline creativity the brand has pairs a contortionist with responsive web design, a message that is intended to prove the… Read more »

Apple Being sued over ‘carousel’ website feature

It seems like each day brings another drama for tech firm Apple, constantly being sued for a slew of reasons. The latest is over a component on their website, with Pennsylvanian  man Samuel Lit claiming the firm to breech the conditions of his ‘carousel’ patent. What is Carousel?   Carousel… Read more »

Microsoft buy LinkedIn for $26bn

This latest announcement marks the largest cloud acquisition of the year, with LinkedIn shares spiking Microsoft buy LinkedIn for $26bn This latest announcement marks the largest cloud acquisition of the year, with LinkedIn shares spiking 47%. While cementing faith in the social media platform the news saw Microsoft’s shares plummet… Read more »

.Wales and .Cymru domains fly off the shelf during Euros 2016

As with every major tournament, especially the Six Nations, the world slips into a state of patriotic obsession, with this year’s European Championships encouraging exactly that. Bringing die-hard and new fans together the Euros 2016 is having an incredible impact on Welsh business, including technology! During the last Six Nations… Read more »

Teach yourself how to code

Where ten years ago you could not get anywhere in life without a degree it seems the world of technology has changed things, giving the world access to develop on both a personal and professional level. Mobo Directors, Alex Wigmore, is a keen advocate of the self-made techy; believing that… Read more »

Why UX should be your focus

When presented with briefs from clients (customer requests, not underpants), we are eager to celebrate the power of UX to them, with user experience having a knock-on affect on the way visitors connect and interact with your site. In this article we aim to explain why investing in UX is… Read more »

Google To Tackle Radicalism With SEO Powers

With radicalism being a universal worry (especially of late) we have to rely on the business powerhouses of the world to take action, using their communicative skills to spread positive messages. It seems tech giants, Google, aim to achieve just this, working to show anti-radicalisation links on extremist-related search results…. Read more »