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British student makes 50k through website that names Chinese babies  

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At Mobo we love stumbling across websites that offer niche services, celebrating examples of how sites can give way to professional innovation. This week we were excited to come across, a website run by a 16 year old student from Cheltenham Ladies’ College. Helping Chinese parents give their babies English… Read more »

Warner request 13 million backlinks to be removed from Google  

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

If you work within the creative industry then you will be well aware of the copyright headaches, with images, videos and content all having to be protected. With big brands ploughing huge sums into protecting themselves it seems Warner Bros has taken a rather different approach, today filing a copyright complaint… Read more »

Tremendous tech fails

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

While the world of technology has given us so many life-changing devices the truth is techies do get things wrong. Over the years we have seen many product flops, with some of the biggest names in the industry working on projects that they would rather forget. Intrigued by both successes… Read more »

iPhone 7 launch invite focuses on the camera

MOBO : Web Design Cardiff

Apple are famous for their innovative marketing methods, constantly intriguing us as to what their next product will perform and look like. Never giving anything away the tech firm are getting ready for the launch of the much-anticipated iPhone 7; a phone that has been the centre of many tech-based… Read more »

Top tech startups in Wales

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At MOBO we are as patriotic as they come, flying the tech flag for Wales on a constant basis; and we are not the only ones! Over the past few years we have seen investment in Welsh tech through funds such as Finance Wales as well as private investors and… Read more »

Branding your Startup with MOBO

MOBO | Web Design Cardiff

The U.K. startup scene is far from easy, with over 80% of businesses failing during their first year of execution (yikes!). However, do not let these stats hold you back, with the entrepreneurial way of life being the most financially -rewarding in the current climate. Right, there is the boring… Read more »

Should I invest in an animated logo?

While more concerned with web development this month the truth is we do love a good logo, enjoying the way designers are now creating innovative yet simple branding; starting with an effective logo. Heavily concerned with moving image the internet is giving us logo gold every single day and we at MOBO… Read more »

Things to ask before hiring a web designer

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If you are at the stage of business where you are looking to employ a web designer then hold up, you need to do your research! With so many cowboys (and girls) out there it is essential that you assume the role of an interrogator, asking as many questions as… Read more »