When it comes to digital marketing, Mobo takes keeping our finger on the pulse very seriously. From ensuring we’re fluent in the ins and outs of all social media platforms, to exercising the most modern and efficient web design techniques to offering the highest quality PR services, we’re digital gurus and proud. We utilise the blog section of our website to keep you abreast of all important digital news, and this blog is dedicated to discussing exactly why video content in the future. From live video content to pre-scheduled and planned video content, across all social media platforms and on your website too, video content is undeniably the future. Let us tell you why.

Video is the next big thing. All social media platforms are embracing it and we’re willing to bet you can’t even scroll once on your Facebook feed without being greeted with a video. Storytelling through video is a powerful, visual and emotive way to reach your customers, which is exactly why it’s the future for content and content marketing.

Video content means more traffic to our websites. It has been estimated that by 2019,80% of traffic in the internet will be due to videos. We already know that half of mobile traffic comes from videos and that the average user spends a hugely increased percentage of time on a website with a video – 88% in fact. That means you have to embrace video to stay ahead of the curve. Whether that’s sharing the right content for your industry or creating new and innovative content, you have to get on board with video to stay afloat.

Videos also promise a much higher retention rate, meaning landing pages with videos on will have a lower bounce rate. It’s been proven that users are far more likely to watch more than two thirds of a video, yet this percentage is significantly lower for users when engaging with a more text focused piece. In summary, videos capture more attention, helping you ensure users are reading or perhaps more appropriately, seeing, what you want them to understand.

Using a video on any of your landing pages not only will ensure more views to your content, but also will increase your conversion rate too. If you’re showing a video of your product in use, or a video about the service you offer, it’s been shown that this can increase your conversion rate by 64%. It might be a little costly to invest in quality video, but with an 80% increase in conversions on landing pages with a video, your investment will pay off with interest too.

In summary, video content is undeniably the future and you absolutely have to embrace video content within your marketing strategy. Contact Mobo if you’d like some expert advice on how to get video at the forefront of your digital marketing campaign today!

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