Anything can be a sign as long as someone interprets it as ‘signifying’, especially when presenting images on the web.

If your logo incorporates a UK map or a spanner then a sophisticated audience will know that company number one is a UK based organisation and number two is a mechanical firm.

Highlighting this to the customer immediately is what your web design company needs to do, crafting a site that does all the talking for you.

Too often do we see companies that are wrapped up on their own business, forgetting that Joe Blogs does not know what they are in reach of.

When having a new design carried out on your website it is worth taking a step back from the project and putting on the hat of the uninformed consumer, someone who has no idea of the wonders your company can achieve.

Where many choose to blow up fonts to ensure the messages they intend to share it focused upon others choose to spread their message visually, using clean images, shapes and colour codes.

The human brain holds an immense ability to read signs, ‘semiotics’ as it is formally known to the boffins.

As designers mobo rely on that intelligence, creating visual displays that speak to the consumer on a number of different levels.

So, whatever you intended message, we at mobo can display it visually on your website.

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