Weblinx warns companies that online marketing strategies will begin to stagnate in 2013

by | Jan 29, 2013 | General News, Google News, Latest News, SEO news, Social Media News

Weblinx have this week released a message to all the online businesses out there within the UK in light of all the current on-going developments that are occurring within the world of SEO.

The elite online marketing group have informed those out there who are getting complacent when it comes to the search engine optimisation techniques being carried out, due to the amount of small, but significant changes being made in the SEO world. It is very likely that this year there will be a large amount of changes when it comes to search engines such as Google.

The message coming from Weblinx is a very simple one, when you are carrying out SEO on site make sure that your efforts are up-to-date with the latest algorithms and news coming from the world of SEO. Falling behind with the latest techniques can be dangerous for both your rankings and the number of customers you have. As an example, the techniques being used in 2012 and the years before that which may have brought genuine success, may not be as powerful in 2013 and the years to come after that. Search engines like to do everything in their power to ensure that life is as difficult as possible for those who are not at the top of their game.

Ever-Changing SEO

“Due to the ever adaptive nature of the industry, website optimisation is a technique that constantly needs to be revised according to the latest search engine updates and algorithm changes. This is something that we take great pride in as we’re able to get results for clients, without compromising the website and risking penalties being applied.” – Weblinx

Google have already issued some minor signs this year to show that there may be some significant changes when it comes to how websites are evaluated, scored and positioned in the search engine rankings by the search engine crawlers. As the world usually does when something changes dramatically or even slightly, there was a mass sense of panic which overwhelmed the people involved with SEO. The people out there were struggling to cope with the countless updates and refreshese to algorithms, ultimately struggling to make head or tail of the updates.

One of the main reasons why Weblinx are set apart from other providers out there is the way that Weblinx treat each and every update or refresh. Rather than seeing these as a threat or cause for concern Weblinx instead take them head on and challenge them until they are mastered and positions for them and clients are regained. One approach that an SEO company may take is to carry out every method which is known to them and see if any of them have a positive effect. Weblinx are different, they take the methodical approach, in which they assess the situation to see exactly what is going wrong and then work on fixing it by using only the most sold and safest white-hat techniques. This is known as the Weblinx Way.

Race for the Top

“We strive to ensure each client has the best possible chance of appearing on page 1 for their chosen keywords and/or phrases using the latest white hat SEO techniques.” – Weblinx

When it comes to online businesses which are looking to succeed, SEO is no longer optional to them it is needed! SEO allows for day-to-day survival, rankings mean everything nowadays! The statistics out there show that an overwhelming amount of consumers are basing the majority of purchases and investments on the advise which is being given to them by search engines. Due to this a large race has began to gain the highest rankings on search engines such as Google.

Instead of carrying on with the old methods of SEO, Weblinx take pride in carrying out the newest and most effective techniques, by doing this they are able to maintain the high ranking of clients. There are too many businessess out there who are trying to rely on the tactics of old and are then left wondering why rankings are dropping left, right and centre. There is no need to worry though, Weblinx have the answers your looking for!


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