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When creating a company website it is essential that it is designed in a way that captivates people, providing snippets of information that encourages visitors to dig deeper and deeper into what your company can achieve.

Designing inline with modern user requests is a must, just think, your competitor is just a click away.

At mobo we like to keep an open mind when making online marketing plans, thinking from both the company and the potential customers viewpoint. By doing so we encourage healthy ranking, stunningly presented creations, websites that give that all-important first impression of greatness. Here are a few tips regarding how to make that first impression one of trust and creativity.

Talk to your audience

When starting to work on a new website it is worth taking a step back, thinking what you are actually trying to achieve with the launch of a re-design. Once you have those visions in place you can start to relay this to you target market through the use of cleverly-written, punchy content.

On the back of market research we can devise a plan on how to grab people’s attention, creating a visual display that they can relate to.

Invite, don’t bombard

Web design has come far from bombarding people with reams and reams of content with the hope they simply digest that information and believe it. We now put a lot more control with the user, helping them understand the greatness of a product or service. With subtle imagery and hints of company personality the potential customer decides for themselves whether they want to learn more about a company.

Celebrate previous work

From the homepage it should be easily understood that the visitor can access examples of what your business can achieve. Whether you wish this to feature on the homepage or be a tab option, it is nice to encourage the user to navigate themselves around many pages within your site, further identifying with your brand.

We hope these tips help!

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