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An internet blogger has uncovered a list of passwords which micro blogging website Twitter has banned from use on its website.

The social networking site is clamping down on passwords which could be used as by hackers to infiltrate private accounts and post fake Twitter updates. The list of banned passwords may include those which have been used in the past by hackers, either successfully or unsuccessfully to break into Twitter accounts.

Obvious passwords such as 112233, and abc123, are high on the list of those not accepted during the sign-up process, along with popular film names such as matrix, batman, superman, star trek and star wars. Also movie characters like bond007 and Gandalf will also be given the red light by Twitter.

Larry Seltzer of believes many of the banned passwords may have been flagged up because Twitter has detected potential hackers attempting to use them previously. The computer expert says it’s advisable to change your password if it resembles anything similar to those on the black list to avoid falling victim to hackers.

The list of over 350 forbidden passwords was uncovered by internet blogger VILERICHARD after he did a bit of digging on the social networking site.

Twitter is currently ranked as the world’s third most used social network site with 55 million monthly visits.

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