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Search engine optimisation (SEO) for Google is a vital part of any website or web based business if you want it to be successful.

In the past the things you did on site, such as, keyword optimisation, meta tag creation and internal link building were all very important. And whilst they are still a very important piece to Google optimisation they are probably not the biggest piece of the puzzle any more.

Off -site search engine optimisation (off-page seo) is now something you cannot ignore. If you want your site to rank well in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines you will need to explore this in further detail.

The basic key to off site optimisation is to get credible, quality links back to your site. These links need to be from relevant sites of reasonable quality so no to actually damage your search engine ranking. Links allow Google and other search engines make the assumption that if your site about a said topic is linked to by many sites of similar content then your site must be a good reference for said topic and thus you get a better rank than the guy next to you.

Seems simple enough? But unfortunately it isn’t always easy for a new site to get such good links. It’s a catch 22 situation in some cases. Some sites won’t link to you because of your low Google page rank but in turn you can’t increase your page rank with out those links.

But there are things you can do to help you get these quality links. You can hire a specific Google SEO company who will be able to submit your site to specific directories and key social networking sites (more than just Facebook). They will be able to help you in submitting excellent original written content to article submission sites as well as devising a regular link building plan for your site.

All these things will get you topic relevant links back to your website, increasing your ranking in search engines like Google and ultimately raising your profile and traffic of your website.

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