We mean pure and simple design, not the band (luckily)!

Where we used to have a habit of cramming as much information on the homepage as possible the world has taken a step back, understanding that this approach is anything but enjoyable.

Being bombarded with information in any context is not nice, whether it be a to-do list from your boss or a Christmas list from your children; it really is true what they say – ‘less is more’.

At mobo we are advocators of the clean look, wanting visitors to feel enlightened and intrigued when landing on any of our pages. Providing snippets of relevant information in a well thought out format allows people to want to read on, intrigued to learn more about what the site is marketing.

The minimalist approach is also a lot more user friendly, permitting visitors to navigate themselves around the site with great ease, kicking back without being intellectually challenged by the multi-layered, messy website that faces them.

Stripping things down to its fundamental elements, colours, shapes and textures is a lot more pleasant on the eye as well as the mind, encouraging people to spend more time on the site and explore multiple pages.

At mobo we tend to follow the three rules of minimalist web design, which are balance, alignment and contrast, ensuring visual perfection across the board.

If you are looking for a web design agency then why not utilise mobo’s skills?

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