The pros and cons of template websites

by | Feb 24, 2017 | All News, Web Design

Here at Mobo we are a full suite digital marketing agency, offering everything from brochure website design to full web and system development. Catering to such a variety of requests, we have over the years defined what services work and what do not work for certain businesses, offering a bespoke service to all that enter our design studio here in Cardiff. Having been designing websites for many years, one of the most frequently asked questions we are faced with is ‘template or custom design?’, with many entrepreneurs eager to learn the pros and cons of each.

If you employ this query, we hope this blog helps!


The truth is, many aspects play a part in our decision to invest in template designs, with many feeling that utilising ready-made structures to be a simpler, stress-free avenue to go down. While this does offer some truth, a custom design can also have this impact, again, reiterating our point that much thought has to go into your website before any type of design is even drafted. However, if you are eager to roll with a template design, here are the pros.


Fast – Offering a skeleton that coders can work with, using a template means your design will be live pretty quickly, removing those days spent building pages and toying with different layouts.

Cost effective –  Again, not requiring as much time from a design team, a template design can work out a lot cheaper in some instances, proving to be a great option for websites for startups and businesses on a budget.

User-friendly  – Built with simplicity in mind, a template will be designed with inbound and SEO as a priority, helping your site enjoy a healthy ranking form the offset.


While boasting a variety of pros, there are also some cons to using template designs, ones that we at Purple Buffalo have explored below:

You cannot be too picky – One of the issues with templates is that what you see is what you get, with very little room for changing and swapping. While thought to be their beauty by some, others dislike the inability for input.

You may have to get flexible with your branding – If you have custom branding it is important that you find a template that will give way to your creativity. Well-designed ones will have built-in flexibility to adapt to your brand, but flexibility will still be limited when set against custom-made options.

Changes can be a difficulty – Although your template design may be perfect for your first year in business, as company grows and focuses shift, you may want to change things up. Here is where some businesses face difficulties with their website.

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