Content style is definitely worth thinking about carefully and if you are implementing a redesign on your site, being the perfect opportunity for a content overhaul.

When making a content plan (which is very important) you must keep your target market in mind, putting yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what they would want to read.

Just remember, although you may feel passionate about your industry and the roots of your product/service your customer simply wants to learn what you do and learn it quickly, not feeling bogged down by wordy, intellectual content that they feel uncomfortable with. The last thing you want your website to be is snobby and uninviting. I like to be playful with web content, wanting to make people feel happy by giving them a unique user experience when landing on a site.

Don’t forget, your website is the most important marketing tool, the stream in which all company intrigue should stem from. Although using traditional methods such a print advertising as word-of-mouth nothing comes close to the power a great website poses, with content being a huge part of the formula. Too often do we see company owners wrapped up in what they read about, not considering their customers when creating marketing material.

If you are looking to revive your company image then think carefully and create unique approach to syntax’s, this will modernise company image.

Just remember, content is King!

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