New Statistics released this week have revealed the extent of the social networking habits of the nation. The Office of National Statistics official figures show that 57% of the adult population in the UK is involved in a social network of some kind, a rise of 14% compared to 2010.

Women are also leading the way in terms of social network membership, with statistics revealing females are more likely to be a member of Twitter or Facebook compared to men with 60% of women found to be using social media, in contrast to 54% of men.

However when it comes to professional social networks such as Linkedln, men are storming ahead in the leader board as they are twice more likely to be part of one of these networks compared to women.

Facebook, Bebo and Twitter is at the forefront of the minds of the youngsters in the UK, with 91% of those aged 16-24 years, admitting to logging into social media in the last year. On the opposite end of the scale, Brits aged over 65 years of age are also getting into the swing of social networks as the figures show that 18% of pensioners are using social media of some kind.

Not only are more of us checking into social networks, the way we’re accessing information is changing as the results reveal that 45% of us are using smartphones to get online, compared to just 31% of use in 2010.

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