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Love or hate them the Kardashians are everywhere with the matriarch, Kim, enjoying 30M followers on Twitter, 25M on Facebook and 28M on Instagram. Although this does not sound extremely ground-breaking when said fast Kim Kardashian actually has a larger following than the Fortune 10 companies combined, illustrating her power as a successful brand.

Just yesterday the Kardashian sisters unveiled their new websites, a day that has been constantly referred to as ‘Kardashian day’. Employing huge design and marketing teams the new sites proved what marketing geniuses these girls really are, successfully dissecting the Kardashian brand to attract an array of different audiences of all ages and tastes.

With each sister employing their own styles, interests and target audiences we can only imagine the hosting power required yesterday, with worldwide follower all making their way to just a few sites.


Where Kimmy K boasts an uncountable fanbase it is no secret that she is her own biggest fan, arguably being the Queen of self-endorsement. By centralising her community of fans on her own pages and apps she enjoys complete control over the content people buy into, thus having control over the data of her fans as well as the profits such awareness encourages.

Encouraging traffic to their sites 

Making use of the way in which the digital landscape has evolved these selfies, outfits of the day and general snaps of everyday life are a lot more thought out that we first think.

“I see what we do on social media as the appetizer,” Khloe Kardashian told the Times. “This is the whole dinner. Not everything we do can be captured in an Instagram shot.” Kim added, “This isn’t about doing another website. It’s about creating a digital destination.”

Proving the awareness these girls have over the power of online marketing it is no wonder they are the envy of most young girls, using their power to make a considerable amount of money.


The mother-of-one lists the exciting features including exclusive behind the scenes videos and ‘never before seen photos of me, my friends and family.’

Enticing us to delve deeper into her life the site then gives us the great news that ‘the first 7 days are totally free’, then asking for a seven dollar a month subscription fee. With so many followers we can only imagine the type of revenue coming her way.

Let us know what you think, should we give the Kardashian this much credit? Leave your thoughts below.

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