High Gear Insurance is a firm that seems to be hitting headlines throughout the nation, putting its services forth as a ‘revolution’ in the taxi insurance sector.

Taxi insurance is not traditionally an exciting topic, yet High Gear has managed to create a substantial buzz, offering much more than just policies for customers. They offer an array of different types of car insurance from limousine cover to motorhome insurance, all promised with the highest of standards.

The creators behind the High Gear site definitely know what they are doing, ticking all the boxes to succeed in search engine optimisation.

First of all lets start with the design.

The landing page consists of a clean and inviting design, presenting itself as an easy to use site that does not intellectually challenge the visitor. This in turn encourages longer stays on the site, maximising the chance of potential sales. The site is fully responsive enabling anyone to use the site on whatever device they wish.

In regards to SEO High Gear is getting everything right.  All of their pages are bursting with keyword rich content, offering itself as an attractive option when potential customers take to Google to help them search for insurance.

High Gear ranks top for many searches such as ‘cheap taxi insurance’, ‘taxi insurance London’ and so forth, giving way to great market success, which we cannot wait to see.

Their SEO tactics come from the High Gear head office, made up of SEO specialists and marketers who take a keen interest in Google ranking. They are using their Google News approved site, High Gear News, to encourage traffic also, constantly keeping the site replenished with interesting and insightful articles regarding this particular industry.

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