MOBO decided to finally up sticks and get a new office space near Cardiff Bay at the end of March 2015.

The old office design was looking a bit dated and not really inline with the MOBO feel. The aim was to build a real workspace that invoked creativity with a homely feel; an environment that makes the MOBO team happy to be in work.

No cubicles or dull office furniture for us!

With a vision to create a work environment that feels cosy, welcoming, fun and with just the right amount of professionalism, we set to work. Our colour scheme and palette tried to mimic our vibrant brand/logo pink, whilst maintaining a modest clean look. This focus can be located throughout the new office space, with a minimalist approach being contrasted by bold shots of pink.

We knew we wanted a chill out area for our developers and a place to research and read, as well as a craft area for our designers to get hands on. We came up with the idea of having three zones, segmented parts of the office used for different purposes.

The zones are separated enough without feeling like you are leaving the office or slacking when you’re in these zones.

The 3 zones we’ve got so far:

  • The desk/work pod area for team collaboration
  • The craft area
  • The chill out/bean bag area

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