Microsoft has revealed plans to revamp its Hotmail service in order to keep up with the rapid growth of rival email provider Gmail.

In the past Microsoft have increased email storage on their Hotmail service in an attempt to outdo Gmail which continues to grow in popularity. However this time round, Microsoft has some highly sophisticated plans up its sleeve as it prepares to launch a string of new features for its hotmail users.

The first new facility Microsoft has planned is to link its search engine Bing to Hotmail emails, plus links to Silver Light media player, and Sky Drive online store. The idea behind the new additions is to allow Hotmail users to do everything within their inbox without opening additional tabs. The changes to Hotmail should come into play by the middle of the summer, although there’s no set date as yet.

The alterations to the email server will also enable users to view picture galleries inside emails and exchange pictures, videos, documents and all sorts of files within the body of the email so as to do away with the use of space consuming attachments.

New filters will also be introduced which aim to cut down on nuisance spam mail. The facility will allow users to delete all emails from specific addresses and enable them to opt out of receiving further mail from a certain address.

Microsoft’s Hotmail is still the world’s largest email provider with 360 million users worldwide compared to Gmail’s 50 million users. However it seems Hotmail isn’t content to rest their laurels and hope the developments planned for their email service will further strengthen their position as the number one email provider.

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