Microsoft experiments with a new Bing rewards scheme

by | Sep 24, 2010 | Bing News, General News

Bing is set to launch a rewards scheme in the US

Microsoft are set to experiment with a new rewards scheme. By simply using Bing services, the new system will allow users to build up credit which can then be spent on a wide range of products from DVDs to cookware.

In July Microsoft announced the end of its cash back scheme which offered rebates on products which users searched for using the Bing search engine.

Although their first attempt at offering customer rewards got off to a shaky start, Microsoft are preparing to trial their latest system straight away.

Users who want to try out the new rewards scheme need to download the Bing Bar and sign up to the Bing Rewards Program. The Bing Bar will alert users to new features and offers, as well as keeping members updated on the amount of credit they’ve collected.

Credit can be obtained through a variety of ways. Setting Bing as the users default search engine will earn credits, as will experimenting with new Bing features, and also searching via Bing.

The Bing Rewards Program allows users to exchange their credits for a wide range of products including DVDs, luggage, digital cameras, restaurant gift certificates, and also charity donations.

Initially the rewards scheme will only be available in the US, although if it’s a success it could be rolled out across other parts of the world.


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