Let’s be honest, anyone can design a logo. However, designing a good logo requires a lot of research, patience and most importantly, skill.

Working in the design industry we often come across some cringe-worthy logo designs so we thought we would compile a list of design trends to avoid this year!


The swoosh man, the V-man or woman, whatever you want to call it. We’ve come across this thing time and time again, across a wide variety of different industries, from high schools to charities. Used alone, or with a group of V-friends, sometimes in a ring. We’ve seen it all.


The big X with several objects, initials or a mixture of both around it. Often used to give a modern, yet rustic tone to a brand. It’s nice, it’s trendy but it’s also been overused to death. One of our top tips, which you should be doing anyway is to thoroughly research the brand competitors and other businesses within the same industry. You want your logo to stand out, not blend in.


Almost every designer is guilty of this and if you’re not, well then kudos to you! How many times have you typed out a company name in Helvetica and just left it at that? While it may look nice, Helvetica is now so ubiquitous that it doesn’t really say anything anymore. If you want your brand’s logo to stand out from the crown, using a commonly used font will result in the opposite effect.


Just because it works for Amazon it doesn’t mean it would work for you. The infamous Arc is the symbol behind progress, movement, innovation and success. While the meaning behind the arc isn’t necessarily a bad one, it’s been strongly overused by companies across many industries which is why we would try to avoid it. That being said, if you feel like the arc is the only way to convey what your company is about at least look at other options to visually represent your brand. After all, a designers job is to take complex ideas and offer simple solutions.


For many online businesses, the use of speech bubbles is extremely common. Either above, below or to the side of the brand name. These kinds of logos are usually found in businesses that deal with social networking, marketing, web design, etc. Now while the idea behind the speech bubble is often relevant to the industry it’s become massively cliche. If you look at big social networks like Facebook or Twitter and place a speech bubble next to it, it just doesn’t work anymore, does it?

After looking through our trends to avoid, what would you say is the common denominator among them all? You got it, they’re all pretty easy to replicate which explains why they’ve been so overused in the design industry. Your logo is usually the first thing potential customers see so it’s important to hire the experts and get it done right the first time.

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