The rumour mill has gone into over drive after an online report suggested that Apple were preparing to launch the iPad 3 model in just a few weeks time, with the first week of March touted as a possible date for the official debut of the next generation of Apple tablet.

The All Things Digital website is reporting that Apple will launch the iPad 3 at a special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in March, the same venue in which Apple introduced the iPad 2 last year and also at the same time of year as the launch of the iPad 2. The report goes onto estimate that the iPad3 would go on sale in the US a week or so after the launch.

A sketchy image of what is believed to be either a prototype iPad3 or the casing for the new tablet has also surfaced online sparking further excitement. From this image, experts believe the new iPad will have a bigger battery judging from the size of the casing leaked in February. It’s also thought the new tablet will offer a better display to its predecessor, also a faster processor and improved graphics.

The iPad is the biggest selling tablet on the market, shifting 15.43 million units in the last quarter which is an increase of 111% compared to sale for the same period last year.

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