How to Spread the Word Of SEO

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Google News, Latest News, SEO news

SEO is a subject that is notorious for splitting opinion, with many feeling that they completely understand the multi-layered complexity of the search engine, when really, they do not. 

With a lot of snobbery surrounding the subject the only body in which we can really rely on to put forward truth is Google, responding to the suggestions that they put forth with updates and announcements.

In a recent post from the infamous Moz Blog, the subject of conflicting SEO ideas was pressed upon; with the author highlighting just how much Google intelligence has developed.

‘Ranking well on Google is insanely profitable—much more so than it ever was in the early days—and Google’s algorithm has advanced dramatically. But former SEOs and people outside our industry still hold on to that idea that a few thousand dollars of “technical SEO” can make them magically rank #1.’

If you work with a team of SEO specialists then you do not want to see people making mistakes, living in the past when it comes to SEO. This can be very detrimental to the site in which they are working on. The Moz Blog suggest ways in which you can convert people to a new way of thinking:

‘Basically, acknowledge their idea as valid so you don’t insult them, then explain why it won’t work in a way that scares the shit out of them by mentioning real repercussions. Or, you know, just persuade them gently with logic.

If you can’t persuade/scare the shit out of them, tell them you’ll do some research and get back to them. Then do it.’

The author focused on how people can get stuck in the times of SEO, not developing to shift their strategy inline with Google’s standards,

‘It’s embarrassing to be wrong. When your client says, “What meta keywords should we put on this page?” and you chuckle and say, “Gosh, meta keywords haven’t been used in so long—I don’t even think Google ever used them,” your client is going to fight you on it, not because they’re particularly invested in the idea of using meta keywords, but because you’ve made them feel wrong.’

If you are finding it hard to persuade a colleague to change their SEO approach then we hope this will help!


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